How 4-Year-Olds Dress for Warmer Weather

I’ve long given up on dressing my 4-year-old. It could be that it is easier dealing with a newborn if you give up some control in other areas of your life. Allowing my daughter to “help” by doing the little things for herself like putting away her laundry, getting dressed on her own, and picking her own clothing, has really made this new phase in our lives a bit easier. It doesn’t come without its mishaps, however. My daughter has a thing for mismatching as a trend; at times it works in her favor, but there are other times I have to explain to her why looking crazy is not really fashion-forward. The latter is a battle I rarely win, and we tend to go out with my daughter and her unique sense of style. I am inspired by the days she looks amazing and while her crazy days may be a bit much for me, her creativity for getting dressed and the courage to wear whatever she likes is even more inspiring to say the least. Here are a few of her looks even I would be willing to try.


Mixed Prints

Mixing prints can actually work. She mixed it up and wore this polka dot skirt with a Minnie Mouse bow shirt to the park. When I told her she didn’t match, she informed me that her shirt is white, just like the polka dots, and therefore she matched. So one color ties it all together, I see.


Accessorize Your Heart Out

When it comes to accessories, my daughter believes more is more. Her puppy dog purse goes everywhere (even though I end up carrying it), she has a pair of sunnies in each of our cars because she can’t go without, and of course she needs a tea cup for impromptu tea parties in the car. We stock up on sunglasses at the dollar section of Target.


Let It Shine

Sparkles are all the rage this season. I told her these shoes (get similar ones here) were only for going out since she has a tendency to destroy a pair in a week, and of course she told me they were for dancing since they sparkle. Unfortunately for me, she dances everywhere so she wears them daily. Let’s hope they last the week.


Wear It Out

Versatile pieces are important like this Infinity for Girls dress that she wore on Mother’s Day. This piece can be worn as a skirt; during colder months she did just that and paired it with boots. Bonus: during the winter months, this is an easy piece to travel with.


Stylish Footwear

Sneakers shouldn’t look like sneakers; they should be fun. Plae shoes are perfect for this season (Who am I kidding, they’re perfect for any season). She hasn’t taken hers off since she got them, and if she gets bored with one look, she takes advantage of the interchangeable straps. She swaps the pink straps every other day. Best tip for moms: They are eco-friendly and washable!

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