HOW TO: 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Turban With a Pashmina!

For a while I was fearful of turbans. They looked totally intimidating, heavy, and for some reason I convinced myself that the only way to wear one was if you purchased a vintage “slip on” turban. Not at all the case! Creating my own turban was fairly easy and quick. And not at all heavy. Since I have natural hair, wearing a turban once in a while is a good way to protect my hair from heat or damage. And for my friends without natural hair, wearing a turban is just a chic and funky trend they are into. No matter what your story is, a turban can become your own in a really inexpensive and easy way.

All you need is a pashmina scarf. Here in the city, you’ll find one on every corner for around $5, and I am sure where you are they are available at your local mall, and of course they are always available online.

For those who are interested in trying, here are 5 easy steps to creating a turban with a pashmina scarf!

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    Click through the slideshow to see how I quickly styled my pashmina into one of the hottest trends; a turban!

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    Split your pashmina with your hand evenly. So when the pashmina is laid on your hand that is facing out, your pashmina covers it, falling evenly on both sides of your hand. ---- Take your "split" equally in half pashmina and lay it on your head. With the "center" directly in the back of your head, and the two sides coming forward. The fringes should be in view, dangling downward. There should also be a small amount of extra fabric laying on your forehead, leave it.

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    Twist the two halves of your pashmina together clockwise creating one big twist. 

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    Continuing twisting your pashmina until you reach the very end. 

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    With your left hand holding the "root" of the twist in place, using your right hand wrap the rest of your previously twisted pashmina around the "root' of your twist. Creating one large bun. 

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    Tuck the last bit of fringe on your pashmina tightly behind your bun. 

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    If you have some hair that is out and showing, just simply tuck that in too. 

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    And BAM you're done! You can wear this trendy head piece with a bohemian style dress or even with jeans and a t-shirt! 


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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