How to Clean Out Your Closet with Tips from Chicago’s Personal Stylists

At the end of the year, when the holiday parties are over and it is time to make resolutions, everyone is racing to get in shape and get organized. Within a few weeks, however, we give up on one or the other… or even both! But if you are serious about getting organized and staying that way, I say start with your closet.

It’s the messiest area for most and we have to look at it daily. Peeking into a disorganized closet can make your entire day feel derailed. Once your closet and your wardrobe are organized, then you can get dressed with more ease, and less morning madness.

And 3 of the top Chicago-based stylists are here to help you! They are all from my current hometown and they’re here to share their own tips on closet clean-outs so you can be more organized and fabulous.

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    It's almost a new year and that's the right time for a new, more organized you—starting with your closet. Try these expert tips from personal stylists. They know what they're talking about!

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    For the past 6 years, Katie has been a personal style consultant, blogger, and wardrobe stylist for The Whitney Reynolds Show. She provides closet clean-outs, personal shopping, consignment, look books, and style consultations to the men and women of Chicago and Southeastern Wisconsin.
    Learn more about Katie at Fashion Styling Chicago
  • Purge Your Wardrobe Of Worn Clothing 3 of 13

    For a better wardrobe in 2014, Katie suggested getting rid of anything that looks pilled, worn, shrunken, or faded

    Image via and visit the site for details about donating worn clothing. 

  • Make Sure Your Closet Is Stocked With No-Slip Hangers 4 of 13

    "The one item I tell all clients and even my friends and family to have in their closets are no-slip hangers. They save a ton of room, make you look super organized, and help to take better care of the items that you hang."

    Slim Grip hangers available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, $14.99 pack of 16

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    Mel Muoio, one of Chicago's most sought after stylists, has a Midwest upbringing combined with East Coast professional polishing, and California dreaming during the cold winter months. She's a style expert, a creative consultant, and a marketing pro who's been telling her friends what to wear since the 3rd grade. 

    Learn more about Mel at 



  • Keep Classics In Your Closet 6 of 13

    "Keep classic sweaters like cashmere crew necks, boyfriend-style knitwear to pair with skinny jeans, and those cozy layering t-shirts for those extra cold days - you always want some soft on your skin when you are layering a sweater. For resort and spring shopping coming up, keep your fit and flare dresses and black and white patterns look like they will stay for another season."

    Available at Banana Republic, $140

  • Stack And Color Coordinate Sweaters 7 of 13

    When you're organizing closets, Mel prefers uniform hangers, either all wooden or all black velvet. One of her quick tip that you can start using right away? Mel says, "Take your bulky sweaters out and stack them vertically and color coordinated."

    Cedar Hangers available at, $54 pack of 24

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    Chicago-based style expert, Tamika Price is an award-winning wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, and the author of Standout Style: The Shopping + Style Guide for Real Women. Her styling work has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, NBC 5 News, WGN News, and more. 

    Learn more about Tamika at A-Line Chicago 

  • Does It Make You Feel Confident? If Not, Then It’s Time To Go! 9 of 13

    "Be honest with yourself. Get rid of anything that you don't feel confident in, doesn't fit your body type, lifestyle, or taste. Try on things you are not sure about and do a 360 turn in the mirror to ensure you look good at all angles."

    Mirror available at, $339

  • Buy Storage Bins 10 of 13

    "I'd say ample lighting is key. Another tip is adding animal print or textured storage bins for a stylish way to store scarves or handbags."

    Bins available at Target, $25.99

  • My Tips 11 of 13

    I've been a make-up artist for 11 years, but I have 13 years of combined editorial styling and personal styling under my belt. (Pun intended!)

    Learn more about me and my services on my website

  • Make Multiple Piles When You’re Organizing 12 of 13

    I like to make three piles (or bins to avoid a huge mess) when I'm cleaning out my closet. One pile for items that will be kept. Another pile that will be considered a maybe pile. The only items here are pieces that need to be tailored or that need to find other looks and might be slightly out of place in my wardrobe. The last pile is a donation bin. If it doesn't fit, hasn't been worn recently, or it seems outdated, then it gets donated to the local thrift store or shelter. 

  • Utilize Your Space 13 of 13

    I've had clients with amazing walk-ins, and others with tiny studio apartments. The latter always need help making their closets larger. My favorite tip is to use under-the-bed storage for out of season items and rotate as the seasons change. 

    Box available at Container Store, $24.99

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