How to Dress Like a French Woman

Bastille day is quickly approaching — on Sunday, July 14th to be exact — and a great way to celebrate is by getting the complete French look. These head-to-toe finds can make you feel like a French woman on the Riviera or a sophisticated French lady out on the town. Just as Bastille Day celebrates the beginning of the French Revolution, it can also kick off your new French style. Click through to see all my picks and to find out  exactly how to dress like a French woman…

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  • Lace Dress 2 of 26

    This beautiful lace dress that flows with your every step screams 1920s French glamour.
    Buy it for $39.99 at Zara.

  • Seeing Stripes 3 of 26

    Be inspired by the French mimes of the past and wear horizontal black and white dress with a splash of red lipstick.
    Buy it for $59.99 at Zara.

  • Summer Scarf 4 of 26

    Catch a breeze as you dream of walking to the Eiffel Tower outfit with a delicate summer scarf.
    Buy it for $48 at Anthropologie.

  • Sun Hat 5 of 26

    Wear a sun hat to a French-inspired picnic with baguettes and wine.
    Buy it for $58 at Anthropologie.

  • Grain Tote 6 of 26

    This grain tote is a lot like the ones you might see the French women wear to the markets.
    Buy it for $78 at Anthropologie.

  • Slouchy Jeans 7 of 26

    The French style is very relaxed, yet chic. These boyfriend jeans are right up that alley paired with a beautiful lace top.
    Buy it for $69.95 at Gap.

  • French Garden 8 of 26

    Wear a floral romper inspired by French gardens.
    Buy it for $35.99 at Zara.

  • Dotted Straw Bibi 9 of 26

    The roaring '20s can still be found in small pockets of France and you wouldn't want to be without your hat for those times.
    Buy it for $68 at Anthropologie.

  • Striped Espadrilles 10 of 26

    These have the look of a careless day on the French Riviera.
    Buy it for $45 at Anthropologie.

  • Sunbleached Oxfords 11 of 26

    These lovely shoes would complement a rustic French style, very much like those seen in the movie Amelie.
    Buy them for $98 at Anthropologie.

  • Frilly Cardigan 12 of 26

    Gorgeous lace and beautiful ruffles — it doesn't get more French than this eye-catching style. 
    Buy it for $74.99 at Modcloth.

  • Helena Sandals 13 of 26

    Take your French fashion to the beach in these.
    Buy them for $120 at Anthropologie.

  • Cloche Sun Hat 14 of 26

    Put on your cute cloche and spend the day at a cafe like the French ladies of the past.
    Buy it for $38 at Athropologie.

  • Provence Striped Dress 15 of 26

    This dress is ideal for a French picnic — complete with your favorite French treats to celebrate Bastille Day.
    Buy it for $138 at Madewell.

  • Crocheted Scarf 16 of 26

    Wear a cream colored crocheted scarf to adorn your outfit. Did you know the word crochet is French for hook? 
    Buy it for $48 at Anthropologie.

  • Skinny Khakis 17 of 26

    When you aren't quite feeling the dress or skirt, put on a pair of these with a loose button-down.
    Buy it for $49.95 at GAP.

  • Linen Pants 18 of 26

    With a pair of linen pants, a glass of wine, and your favorite book, you will be well on your way to the perfect day in Paris.
    Buy it for $68 at Anthropologie.

  • Woven Ballerina Flats 19 of 26

    These polka-dot flats work great for an evening out — French-style — topped off with a little black beret.
    Buy them for $58 at Anthropologie.

  • Bermuda Shorts 20 of 26

    An outfit exactly like this is the perfect way to seize an effortless French style.
    Buy them for $49.95 at GAP.

  • Striped Tops 21 of 26

    Dating back to the days of Napoleon, stripes first began with the Breton sailors and exploded with the nautical line by Coco Chanel. Rock them now with a pair of khakis for a modern French look. 
    Buy it for $68 at Madewell.

  • Petit French Flats 22 of 26

    These little flats would look great with a sweet summer dress.
    Buy it for $128 at Anthropologie.

  • Linen and Lace Tank 23 of 26

    Add a touch of French lace without it feeling too overbearing and mix with comfy linen for a casual-chic look.
    Buy it for $62 at Madewell.

  • Leather Tote 24 of 26

    This would be a great compliment to your rustic French look.
    Buy it for $168 at Madewell.

  • Elemental Necklace 25 of 26

    The elegant French style is all about beautiful details and femininity. This stunning necklace encompasses just that. 
    Buy it for $58 at Anthropologie.

  • French Countryside Top 26 of 26

    Wear this cute top with a boater hat to have a sweet French look.
    Buy it for $34.99 at Modcloth.


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