How to Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut

We’ve all been there. Bored of getting dressed in the morning, and envious of how other gals seem to effortlessly pull off such interesting outfits. But it ends today! Getting out of your wardrobe rut is easier than you think. Try making a simple change to each of your outfits and start to feel a little more adventurous with your wardrobe. Here are a few ways I like to add interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

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    add interest to a simple outfit

    Getting out of a wardrobe rut is easier than you think! Try these simple changes and start to feel a little more adventurous with your wardrobe.

  • Wear a Hat 2 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    This outfit was fine on its own, but with the addition of a cute black hat, it looks extra creative and interesting! If you feel self conscious about wearing hats, black is the perfect color, because it's neutral, isn't too bold, and goes well with simple styled ensembles that naturally don't draw too much attention to themselves.

  • Layer, Layer, Layer! 3 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    Sometimes, especially during fall, instead of looking at your closet and wondering "What will I wear today?" you could try asking, "What won't I wear today?" This outfit uses neutral colors to keep from looking too chaotic, but the details are in the layering. I wore a short-sleeved printed dress with a long sleeved striped ascot blouse underneath, but covered my exposed sleeves with a fitted navy blazer with a matching navy knit hat and neutral tights with brown shoes.

  • Wear a Patterned Headscarf 4 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    A great way to add a complimentary pattern to an outfit is by putting it on your head! My light blue gingham blouse was simple and sweet with white capris, but the outfit really benefitted from a bouffant style updo with a braid and patterned headscarf.

  • Wear a Fun Vest 5 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    I am a big fan of the simple white shirt and jeans look, but this time I mixed it up with a ruffly white shirt and a vest on top. I have about three vests that I like to pull out and wear when I think an outfit might be a little too boring. This one is the craziest of all- plaid with fringe- but usually just a fitted vest will do.

  • Accessorize with Suspenders 6 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    I wore this sleeveless patterned sweater with a white skirt, and while I liked the outfit as it was, I wanted to add a little more interest. So I pulled on a pair of men's suspenders, and even topped off the look with a pretty brooch pinned to the suspenders.

  • Wear Patterned Tights 7 of 10
    wardrobe rut

    This little black dress is about as simple and classic as they come, but the entire outfit really pops thanks to a pair of striped tights. Patterned tights certainly add interest to any outfit, but the trick is not overdoing it. Wear them with simple dresses and skirts, and complimentary patterns- small patterns compliment larger patterns, stripes go with florals, and neutral colors work great together. If in doubt, go for something super simple and classic like backseam semi-sheer tights.

  • Match Conflicting Styles 8 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    I like to look pulled together and sophisticated most of the time, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy wearing T-shirts! A way to dress up the classic T-shirt and jeans outfit is by wearing a more unique style of jeans- like these high-waisted cut-offs, tucking in the T-shirt and adding a belt and fitted blazer. These classic brown pumps also add an element of sophistication and interest to my simple jeans and T-shirt look.

  • Wear a Sheer Dress without a Slip 9 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    Summer's almost over, so now's the time to try this daring look! I found this long vintage eyelet lace dress and decided to ditch the slip that came with it in lieu of a full coverage black bra and some little black athletic shorts. The look is much more interesting than just wearing a white slip, and bonus - it's breezy too! I tied in the black peeking through the semi-sheer eyelet with a dark-toned skinny belt and a darker purse.

  • Wear Statement Boots 10 of 10
    add interest to a simple outfit

    I love wearing short dresses from spring through fall, but sometimes just wearing them with tights and pumps gets a little boring. I decided to make this outfit more interesting by wearing over-the-knee black socks and rugged knee-high black boots for a bolder style. Matching my socks and boots made the boots look like an over-the-knee style, which really made me feel gutsy and gorgeous!

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