How to Make a Tutu

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To get started, take your princess along to the local fabric store to pick out her favorite color of tulle. You will need 5 yards, or get 2 1/2 yards of different colors, if she likes. You'll also need:

- An elastic headband in a complementary shade (this can be found at the dollar store or any big-box store)
- Scissors (make sure they're sharp, so the tulle cuts easily)
Fold and Cut 2 of 13
When you buy tulle, it's folded on the bolt; keep it folded over, then go ahead and fold the tulle in half again lengthwise, then again once more. All that folding will make cutting go quicker.

Now cut the entire 5 yards into strips that are about 4 inches wide. It doesn't have to be perfect; you can even vary the thickness of the strips if you like.
Open Sesame 3 of 13
Open a strip up so it is folded in half just once, like it was when it came off the bolt.
Tie One On 4 of 13
To make tying the strips onto the elastic band easier, slide an elastic band up to your upper thigh (which probably hasn't seen the likes of tulle since your wedding garter).

Take the piece of tulle, bend it as shown, and slip it under the elastic band.
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Now reach through the loop, grasping the tail of the strip.
Slip It Through 6 of 13
Begin pulling the tail through the loop.
Don't Stop Now! 7 of 13
Keep pulling that tail straight through the loop.
Go All The Way 8 of 13
Then pull some more—you're just making a basic slip knot, it's that simple.
Tighten Up 9 of 13
Pull the tulle snugly around the elastic band.

Just be careful when adjusting the tulle strips around the elastic band to not pull too hard or the band could get stretched out.
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Continue attaching all of the strips evenly onto the elastic band.
Tie the Knot 11 of 13
Put the tutu on your little girl, and then adjust the waist.

You can easily make it smaller by tying a knot in the elastic band.
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You've created a tutu so darling your child may very well want to sleep in it.

If you're game, make one for a little friend—it's a winning handmade gift.

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