How to Style Your A-Line Skirts and Dresses with Ankle Boots

After just completing a whole series about styling your ankle boots with jeans, I’m realizing how complicated ankle boots can be. There are so many different styles, and paired with so many different body types makes it so confusing. But there’s another whole side that also should be covered, and that is pairing your ankle boots with bare legs — skirts and dresses!

Let me show you 4 pairs of ankle boots in different styles that I own, and tell you why or why not you should wear them with your A-line skirts and dresses, and why they work or do not work.

First up is the classic ankle boot. These looks great with your A-line skirts, as long as the skirt hem hits at the top of your kneecap or above. Since this style of boot covers up part of your ankle, you want to make sure your full knee cap shows, because otherwise the two thinnest parts of your legs will be cut off and your legs will look much wider than they are.

Cuffing Boots18

A fun variation on this look is to add a pair of socks. To avoid creating unflattering “sections” on your leg line, only let about an inch and a half of sock peek out. Tuck longer socks underneath your foot if necessary!

Cuffing Boots19

The “shootie,” which is a much lower cut bootie, is great for A-line skirts and dresses. It is most flattering with a top-of-the-kneecap dress length or above, but can also be worn with longer A-line dresses and skirts because your full ankle is exposed.

Cuffing Boots22

For dipped front booties, slightly longer  A-line dresses and skirts can also be worn, as long as the dipped section is fairly low. Mine, however, have a fairly tall shaft and the dip is very subtle, so knee-length and above skirts and dresses are best with these types of shoes.

Cuffing Boots26

Tall boots are becoming some of my favorite, and I’m realizing how versatile they can be. They can be worn with A-line skirts, as long as the boots are slim fitting, like mine. If the boots are wide (and especially if they have a flat heel), they can make your proportions look wider when paired with a wide A-line skirt. But with slim, tall ankle boots, an A-line skirt can look fabulous.

Cuffing Boots27


Happy A-line skirt and ankle boot wearing!

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