How to Style Your Midi Skirts with Ankle Boots

For the last few months I’ve been doing a series on ankle boots. They’re one of my very favorite shoes, and I’m trying to figure out as many possible ways to wear them, and how to wear each style best with jeans and skirts. Today let’s talk about midi skirts and how to wear them with your ankle boots.

These ones are the hardest of all the skirts because the hem ends right at the widest part of your leg, giving the illusion that it’s thicker than it really is. The ankle boots often do the same thing at the end of your leg, covering up your ankle which is the thinnest part of your leg. So the combination of the two is dangerous, but can be done. The key here is color. It really doesn’t matter what the style of the boot is, as long as you have a light neutral colored boot that will blend into your leg more easily and give the illusion of an elongated leg. If your ankle boot is dark in color, it will create a solid dark block at the end of your leg, cutting off the line of your leg and making your legs look stumpy.

Take a look.

The section of exposed leg in these photos is the lightest part and stands out so much from the dark boots, so it looks like it’s only a little short section of leg. It looks stumpy, and wider than normal. Stay away from the dark colored ankle boots.

Cuffing Boots25

Even though the boots in these photos are lower cut, they are still dark and create a stark contrast from my legs, making them look stumpy and wide. Stay away from the dark ankle boots.

Cuffing Boots21

Now check this out. These boots are even higher cut than the first pair I showed you, but since they are a nice light brown, they blend better into my leg, allowing the leg to look elongated. The section of exposed leg is roughly the same, but it doesn’t stand out as much. Stick with light neutral colored ankle boots.

Cuffing Boots28

The same thing goes for this pair of boots. Although it’s darker in color, the exposed leg doesn’t stand out quite as much, so the leg line can continue through the boot. Stick with light neutral colored ankle boots!

Cuffing Boots20


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