How to Wear a Tube Skirt 8 Ways

We’ve all been there. There’s a piece at the store or online that’s a little outside your comfort zone, but it’s so pretty. (And on deep clearance!) You take a long look then shrug and say, “Eh, why not?” So you bring it home, put it in your closet and think, “Well, now what?”

I got this orange tube skirt on super clearance from ASOS a while back. I’m not really an orange person, but I have a deep and abiding love of tube skirts and, really, it was SO cheap. Again, “Eh, why not?”

And then it arrived. It was so much brighter in person! And tighter than it looked online! I panicked a bit. How on earth was I supposed to wear a bright orange skin-tight tube skirt?

As it turns out, this has been an incredibly versatile skirt. I wear it at least once a week and it has become a go-to piece for me since I know a bunch of different ways I can quickly and easily style it. After I got over my initial apprehension, I realized it goes with just about anything and I fell deeply in love.

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    8 Ways to Wear a Tube Skirt | Babble

    Click through to see 8 of my fav ways to style my orange tube skirt!

  • Lightweight 2 of 10
    4th of July

    True, not the most patriotic of outfits, BUT we went to a 4th of July festival outdoors in 115 degree heat. A super lightweight shirt, a breezy skirt, and an updo that kept my hair off my neck were all absolutely requirements. That and a cup of ice. I survived with a minimum of whining.

  • Casual 3 of 10

    I love wearing skirts in a casual context. As a mom, I HATE having restrictive things around my knees (looking at you, skinny jeans) because I feel like it makes me reluctant to bend down for anything. Like hugging my child. Skirts and dresses eliminate that feeling so I wear them a lot. The orange of this skirt is perfect with chambray!

  • Transitional 4 of 10

    I'm really starting to get the hang of transitional outfits: the kind of thing I can wear to the splash pad then drop my kids off with the grandparents and run to meet girlfriends for dinner. I just swap my bag for a clutch and go!

  • Dressed Up 5 of 10
    A Night Out

    If I'm wearing a pencil skirt (and it doesn't have graham cracker smooshed into it) then I don't have to change too much to get ready for a night out with my husband. Slightly impractical shoes and a silk shirt do the trick just fine.

  • With a graphic tee 6 of 10
    tube skirt + graphic tee

    A skirt with a graphic tee is the perfect mom uniform. A stretchy skirt gives freedom of movement and a graphic tee dresses the whole thing down so you don't feel overdressed at the grocery store.

    I love the literature inspired graphic tees from Out of Print.

  • With Other Tricky Things 7 of 10
    Tube Skirt + Teal Booties

    I love these booties so so much. But they are TEAL (so much brighter than they appear in this picture) and have a stiletto heel that I struggle to walk in. So what do I put them with? My orange skirt!

  • Go Bright or Go Home 8 of 10

    Sometimes you just have to commit. You may end up loving the result! I have spent most of my life with a closet composed entirely of black, blue and white clothing. My instinct with bright orange is to tone it down with gray or deeper tones but I decided to be brave and go with mustard yellow and teal accessories. And whaddya know? I loved it.

  • Skirt Extender 9 of 10
    Tube Skirt Extender

    This is definitely not what I had in mind when I bought this skirt BUT it adds a few inches and some fun color-blocking to the bottom of this dress!

  • Need a tube skirt? 10 of 10
    25 Tube Skirts

    Convinced you need your own tube skirt? You're in luck! Maegan rounded up 25 awesome tube skirt options!

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