I Let My Husband Dress Me for a Week — Here’s What Happened

If you let your husband dress you for a week, what do you think he would pick out? A string bikini? A little black dress? Jeans and a t-shirt?

In honor of Father’s Day, and just out of curiosity, I handed over the stylist hat to my hubby and was pleasantly surprised at what hat he put on me. It wasn’t what I expected, and it helped me understand what he likes, and even more importantly, what he thinks of me.

Day 1:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

Unlike my toddler, the first thing Kerry was concerned about was picking an outfit that worked with what I was planning on doing that day.

For errands, he wanted something casual, so he started with these green pants. He explained that he picked them not only because they’re his favorite color, but also because they’re wide-legged. He had heard those are coming back in style.

He also picked out this Bob Dylan shirt because he likes me in it. For shoes, he chose flats so that I would be able to run errands and chase after the kids if I needed to.

With the first day under my belt, I was feeling great. I was surprised at how thoughtful he was and how he really did want to pick out something that I would like.

Day 2:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

The next day I had an important lunch meeting with a client and had to look presentable. I was a little worried that he might put me in something that I wouldn’t feel stylish or confident in. I didn’t want to have to change in the car, like a teenage girl that didn’t want her parents to see what she was really wearing to high school.

Luckily, he chose this simple black dress with a tie around the waist and simple black shoes.

“No jewelry, it’s not that fancy of an event.”

In fact, the dress and shoes were a little more dressy than I would’ve probably gone, but it was better than wearing sweat pants. Like Audrey Hepburn, I believe in overdressing. And the meeting was a success.

Day 3:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

Because of our schedules, we weren’t able to do seven consecutive days, but the next day that we were able to connect was when we were taking a trip to Santa Barbara, California.

“I think I’ll go with the stripes; they remind me of the beach, and it’s comfortable.”

He also picked my favorite Madewell jeans and wasn’t afraid to mix patterns with the animal print slip-ons.

“I’ve seen you do this combo,” he said with a proud smile.

It made me happy to see that he does sometimes pay attention to what I wear. The outfit was a great choice; I felt comfortable and was able to run around town unencumbered.

Day 4:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

The next day we were off on a bike ride. Kerry made the bold move of choosing shorts, which I hadn’t worn yet this season. But between the shorts and tennies, it was really insightful.

The sweater, although it had sporty features, was not usually a “work out” type shirt, but I could see why he picked it — it’s his favorite color and it went well with the outfit.

Day 5:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

The next time we were able to connect, I was shooting a webisode that day. This is where it could get tricky. I needed something that would look good for filming and something that I hadn’t worn for other things.

I had to veto a few dresses that I had already worn on camera, but when he paired this striped shirt with the hot pink skirt, I knew it was a winner. I hadn’t worn this combo before, but I felt great in it and was really impressed with my budding stylist.

(Don’t mind the curlers, this is the only picture I have from that day.)

Day 6:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa
Image Source: Summer Bellessa

For date night, I didn’t have any guidelines. We were grabbing dinner and a movie, so anything would really work. He picked this t-shirt by a local Arizona company, Mint Tee Apparel, and paired it with simple skinny black jeans.

I suggested a cardigan since we were going to the movies, and he chose a black one.

“I could see you wearing your black hat with this.”

He was right. I had almost been inseparable from this black hat the last few weeks, and I would’ve definitely topped off my outfit with it. I wasn’t sure if he liked when I wore hats, but either way, he knew I liked to wear it, so he suggested it.

Another spot-on outfit.

Day 7:

Image Source: Summer Bellessa

The last day was a Sunday, and he went right for this striped Lula Roe dress.

“I like dresses because you only have one choice to make.”

That’s why I wear so many too; they’re super easy. I had always worn this dress with a simple gold long necklace, but he choose a statement necklace from 31Bits.

“I thought it could use a little color,” he said, like he had put a lot of thought into it.

“Do you want to wear flats or heels with this?”

“I’m fine with a pair of heels,” I responded.

He passed over my platform black heels and the heels I had already worn earlier that week, and chose these lace-inspired heels from ShoeDazzle.

“These look like fun.”

He’s right — they are fun. We were almost ready to go.

“What tie should I wear?”

Every Sunday he asks, and every Sunday I pick it out. I’m not sure why I thought this week would be any different. I chose a classic black tie.

The experiment was over, and I started to contemplate how Kerry was in the process. His weakness? Maybe picking a few things that were dressier than they needed to be.

But sometimes his unexpected pairings really worked. There were a few outfits that I would 100% wear again. It wasn’t surprising that most of the things he was drawn to were simple: a little black dress, jeans and a t-shirt, stripes, green colors.

What did surprise me was how interested he was at finding something that he thought I would like. He didn’t have an evil laugh as he went through my wardrobe. There was no power trip or holding it over me. He genuinely wanted to show me how he does pay attention and how he really cares about me.

If you’re brave, why don’t you try it? Let your hubby pick out your outfit for Father’s Day or your next date night. What’s the worst thing that could happen? String bikini to dinner? Wedding dress grocery shopping? Most likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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