Living With Less — 5 Kid’s Pieces, 8 Different Ways

While my husband and I wait for the arrival of baby #2, we’ve discussed a lot of things. We keep mentioning up that we might need to move to a bigger place, despite the fact that we love our home. We really love our space, but we only have two bedrooms. Storage wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that we are currently storing a lot of things that we do not need.

I decided that we do a closet clean out for ALL of our closets to see if we would be able to make our space work comfortably. We really love the location and I hate moving.

Now my daughter’s closet is a disaster zone all on its own. I’ve noticed that she simply has too much of everything! I’ve decided that she and I will shop the same way going forward. We will focus on key pieces that we love and use them in different ways. I had her grab 5 of her current pieces to see how we can get more use out of them and we came up with the 8 looks listed below, well she actually came up with the looks all on her own after all she is Miss Sassy Pants. I think this is a great step towards living with less, but having the same great style!

  • Her 5 Favorite Pieces 1 of 9
    Kid's Style Main

    I had my daughter pick out 5 of her favorite pieces and we created 8 different looks out of these key pieces. 

    Shirt,  Target $7 | Leggings, Target (similar, H&M $9.95) | Jeggings, Target $14.99 | Dress, Gifted (similar, Target $7.98) | Sweater, Gifted (similar H&M $14.95)  

  • Focus On Neutrals 2 of 9
    Analiese Look 1

     Like her mother, she believes leopard is a neutral. Use anything with a leopard print as a neutral and see how far that one piece can take you. 

  • Wearing Leggings As Pants 3 of 9
    Analiese Look 2

    Only little people can wear leggings as pants. She loves this look as it is her favorite sweater and of course her favorite leggings. Buttoning up the sweater eliminates the need for an additional piece. 

  • Mixing Prints The Right Way 4 of 9
    Analiese look 3

    Stripes with leopard print seems a bit daring but this kid makes it work. Again, using leopard as a neutral allows for having a bit more fun with prints. 

  • Learn To Layer 5 of 9
    Analiese Look 4

    Same as the last look but adding a sweater softens the look and keeps her warm. Buttoning up the sweater and allowing the top to show a bit on the bottom, shows her skills on layering. 

  • The Kiddie Classics 6 of 9
    Analiese Look 5

     I swear by jeans and t-shirts but my kid styles hers right by going as far as to cuff her pants as well. With basics, it is all about the details. 

  • Inspired Style 7 of 9
    Analiese Look 6

    Tie a sweater around the shoulders and you have a completely new look. I'm not sure if she's seen me do this since I am not really "preppy" but she did watch grease with me and stated she loved the look. 

  • Adding Sleeves 8 of 9
    Analiese Look 7

    Throwing her sweater dress over her striped t-shirt makes her dress more fun and gives it more life than the dress alone, which works as an added look might I mention. The dress being short sleeved work better now in the colder months. 

  • Creating A Skirt 9 of 9
    Analiese Look 8

    By wearing her sweater over her dress makes her dress look like a skirt, adding yet another "piece" to her rotation. In the end, making the pieces more versatile gives you more options to living with less in your closet. 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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