Last Minute DIY Costume — 70s Funk

halloween1We only have a little less than a week until the big day — Halloween! This year, we did no planning of costumes. We usually have a set-up, and the whole mommy-and-daughter thing works out perfectly. Not this year. This year, I allowed myself to enjoy more events, rather than agonize over what to wear. Most importantly, River only wants to be a princess. Only, only. So, needless to say, I can’t really plan a mommy-daughter outfit … unless I also wanted to be a princess. That would be fun for a whole … day.

Despite not actually wanting to think about getting dressed up, we were invited to a friend’s housewarming/Halloween party. In my usual panic, I considered just buying something really expensive and really unnecessary for the heck of it. I participated just to say I did it. And like panic costumes usually go, I realized I didn’t want to spend that much money or time at a store with crowds. One look in the mirror, and I was reminded of my hair — the hair that is so reminiscent of a fun and funky era — and BAM! My outfit was made.

Putting together a DIY 70s funky costume took just a few minutes. Most of the pieces I wore were a combination of summer and fall trends, things I’m sure you also have in your closet.

Here’s how to create a last minute DIY 70s funk costume!

  • Last Minute DIY Costume — 70s Funk 1 of 6

    Click through the slideshow to see how I created a quick 70s funk costume!

  • 70s Style Coat 2 of 6

    To create my 70's funk look, my mind first settled on my coat. It was a chilly day outside, and all the fun is in the coat anyway!

    Beautiful printed coat available at A Secret Shop, $124.00

  • Wrap Shirt 3 of 6

    The 70s were all about the belly and wrap shirts. Simply show them what you're working with. 

    Wrap shirt available for $35.00

  • Wide Legged Pants 4 of 6

    How funky can you get? Pretty funky when you add a pair of floral pants!

    Asos pants, $67.63

  • Sunglasses 5 of 6
  • 70s Funk Costume 6 of 6

    If you are natural like me, you can just pick out your hair. If you have straight hair, going bone straight or straight with a flip-up will do.


    Have fun!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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