Living With Less — 6 Maternity Pieces, 8 Stylish Looks

I’m at the end of my pregnancy and most of my clothes simply do not fit or have become too uncomfortable to wear. My go-to has become a pair of J.Crew sweats and one of my husband’s sweaters, a look I wouldn’t dare wear outside of the house. I’ve already stored and packed away my other maternity pieces in preparation for our little one’s arrival, but I’ve kept 6 pieces out in an effort to save room and live with less. I am living on just a pair of jeggings, a draped sweater, a belted tunic, a little black dress, a leopard button up, and a gray tank. The last piece is actually optional, but as my belly grows so does my bust and I prefer to have a little modesty!

I feel like I can survive on these looks until the baby comes and I’ll continue to use some of the pieces well after labor.

Here are 8 looks that I have put together to get me through the next two weeks:

  • A Cardigan for Everyday Wear 1 of 8

    Before the holidays, I started the hunt for the perfectly draped cardigan. In fact, my husband searched everywhere to give me one I would love for Christmas. Alas, neither of us was successful. But a few days after the holidays ended, I found this lone piece tucked amongst the clearance ranks at Target and I haven't taken it off since. This look cannot be any simpler, the draped cardigan over a little black jersey dress is casual perfection. I can nap in this at any time, so it gets bonus points for comfort.

    Sweater: Target, similar at Nordstrom for $39.90) | Dress: NY & Co, similar at JcPenney for $12.99

  • Cashmere For The Win 2 of 8

    I re-discovered this cashmere blend sweater in a bin in the laundry room. I had forgotten all about it, though I use to wear it all the time. During a moment of severe "nesting," I cleaned out our laundry room closet and found my old beloved piece. As it has plenty of stretch, I added it to my maternity rotation. The belt can also work with other looks as well. 

    Tunic: similar at 1015 Store for $15) | Maternity JeggingsTarget for $34.99 | TankTarget for $12.99

  • You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar 3 of 8

    My daughter calls this my Katy Perry top as she loves the song "Roar." I've had this shirt for years now and it has yet to go out of style. I've been fortunate to be able to fit into it comfortably throughout my pregnancy. It's not technically a maternity shirt, but I sure am wearing it out as if it was. 

    Button Up: Old Navy,  similar at American Apparel for $65 | Sweater: Target, similar at Nordstrom for $39.90) | Maternity JeggingsTarget for $34.99 

  • Leopard Is a Neutral 4 of 8

    If I can do leopard head to toe… oh, I can and I will. This far in my pregnancy, it gets a bit warm so I simply wear this look with the sleeves rolled up so that it is cooler and more refreshing. I'd even wear it buttoned up all the way to the neck with a chunky gold necklace for a night out with my husband. 

    Button Up: Old Navy,  similar at American Apparel for $65 | Maternity JeggingsTarget for $34.99

  • Classic Is Always Comfortable 5 of 8

    When all else fails, the little black dress will never let you down. This piece can be worn a million different ways; with bold statement jewelry and heels, or a scarf and boots. I've chosen to layer it over a tank and wear as is for comfort, as the dress itself is made of jersey. 

    TankTarget for $12.99 | Dress: NY & Co, similar at JcPenney for $12.99

  • To Add Boldness 6 of 8

    If I'm tired of wearing the dress alone, I can always breath new life into it by using it as a skirt. I like this look because it adds a little fun to a simple dress. If the weather keeps failing us, I can wear it with over-the-knee boots. 

    Dress: NY & Co, similar at JcPenney for $12.99 | Button Up: Old Navy,  similar at American Apparel for $65

  • A Little Pep In My Step 7 of 8

    Layering is one of my favorite things to do. Though it feels like I am carrying an oven, these pieces are light enough to layer and the sage color of the tunic plays well against the leopard print. This would work best for a day where I need to feel more put together. 

    Button Up: Old Navy,  similar at American Apparel for $65 | Maternity JeggingsTarget for $34.99 | Tunic: similar at 1015 Store for $15)

  • Wrap It Up 8 of 8

    This has become my favorite look. I swear I haven't really taken off this sweater since I bought it and finding different ways to wear it has been fun. Using the belt from the tunic makes it feel as if the sweater was a top all on its own and I've worn it wrapped like this over the tunic itself as well as the leopard top. I can actually get more than 8 looks just by adding a belt. Living with less is starting to get a bit easier. 

    Sweater: Target, similar at Nordstrom for $39.90) | TankTarget for $12.99 | Maternity JeggingsTarget for $34.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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