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mini marilyn

As you may have noticed from our previous posts, we have a “Hollywood Halloween” theme going on! Summer showed us how to dazzle as Audrey Hepburn, I had to overcome my goofiness to become the elegant Grace Kelly, and then we showed you the most charming little Charlie Chaplin in Rockwell. It’s only fair that we present this to you: my mini Marilyn.

When we decided on this iconic theme, we knew that London’s bright blonde curly hair and glowy skin were perfect for the legendary Marilyn Monroe, toddler edition. I must admit, when we put the final touches on this little Hollywood honey, it took my breath away to look at her. Talk about cuteness overload! Please forgive my gushing, but I am her mommy. (Ha! I’m a mom?! Sometimes this realization just blows my mind!)

Getting her ready, however, wasn’t the easiest task. Like most 17-month-olds, pinning this go-go gal down to tease her hair and paint her sweet baby face was more like chasing after a wild pony. She wasn’t really that interested in becoming a movie star. She was much more interested in polishing off a crazy big piece of beef jerky she found in someone’s bag of snacks. That’s my girl! But after some help from some professional baby wranglers (other parents) and a makeup artist, we turned my wild little animal into a beauty queen.

Here’s what we did! Follow along to create a mini Monroe of your own:

  • Step 1: Find a Toddler 1 of 8

    Find yourself a two-foot blondie ... I've got one right here! Don't you love her serious face?

  • Step 2: Tease it Up 2 of 8

    Tease, style, and spray! London has quite a bit of natural curl, but if your little darling has straight hair, carefully add a few curls to their head with a curling iron. Then take a comb or brush and backcomb like crazy for loads of va-va-volume! The bigger, the better! Then smooth it and shape it into a gorgeous coif with a woop-d-doo in the bangs, a la Marilyn.

  • Step 3: Makeshift Halter 3 of 8

    Time to get dressed. We wanted to go with the iconic look of Marilyn in the white dress, but were unable to find one fit for a toddler. So we found a woman's v-neck tank top. It was rather large on her, so I cut the top of the straps and tied the front half of the straps around her neck like a halter. Then, I took the back half of the straps and tied them in a knot and tucked it in her skirt. I then took the bottom of the tank top and cut 3-inch slits in the sides to fit around her little thighs. I then stretched and tied the bottom section in a little knot underneath her diaper between her legs, jimmy riggin' it into a makeshift body suit. You can do this, OR, if you want to make it easier, just find a little white tank or sleeveless onesie.


  • STEP 4: Skirt 4 of 8

    I had a white cotton skirt from the summertime that I bought at Old Navy. However, I found this cute tulle option with small stars that would be darling, currently at Old Navy as well.


  • Step 5: Beauty Mark 5 of 8

    Once we got this baby beauty dressed, it was time to add just a wee bit of color to her sweet face. We kept it quite simple; after all, she is just a toddler, so a little goes a long way. Here you can see us trying to put red lipstick on London, but every time we tried to apply it to her lil' lips, she would lick the lipstick off. So that didn't really work out. We were able to draw that trademark beauty mark a little off to the left side of her nose. Lastly, we drew on a pair of arched eyebrows with a carmel brown eyeliner (not pictured above). The brows, I tell you, were the magic touch!

  • Step 6: The Red Carpet 6 of 8

    Time to make a grand entrance! Marilyn joins the other star (Katy Perry, kid edition) down the red carpet to pose for the "mamarazzi."

  • Step 7: Time to Party 7 of 8

    Now that your mini Marilyn is all dressed up, it's time to party! Don't forget to give her a small pair of white glasses that scream movie star! Right next to Miss Monroe is her beau Charlie Chaplin, aka Rockwell Bellessa. Check out the tutorial for this costume here!

  • Step 8: Ready for our Close-up 8 of 8

    Finally, London is ready for her close-up as a mini Marilyn ... of course, candy was involved. 

Watch our Hollywood Halloween Party webisode on Ulive.com! 

Photo Credits: Chika Okazumi and personal photos from my instagram

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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