Modern Pilgrim Style for Thanksgiving

If your elementary school was anything like mine, you may have made white paper bonnets or black paper hats with yellow paper buckles to wear to your school’s annual Thanksgiving feast. Maybe your school went so far as to make Native American headdresses as well, so that the pilgrims and the Native Americans could sit together in communal harmony. Now that we’re all grown up, construction paper hats have lost their appeal, but we can still get into the historic Thanksgiving mood by borrowing some style tips from the pilgrims.

Style tips from pilgrims? No, I’m not kidding! The pilgrims were some classy people!

Check out my round-up of modern pilgrim style for examples. You can rock more than one this Thanksgiving holiday!

  • Gray Peter Pan Collar Sweater 1 of 7

    This classically styled short-sleeve sweater is in a neutral gray, a simple hue that even the strictest pilgrim would approve of. The dainty Peter Pan collar and cuffed sleeves are also reminiscent of the prim pilgrim style.

    Available from Loft for $44.99

  • Fleece-Lined Knee-High Socks 2 of 7

    You don't need to wear knickers to pull off the knee-high socks that Mr. Pilgrim would have worn to the first Thanksgiving dinner. These cozy fleece-lined socks would look great with a short skirt or dress and a pair of dainty pumps or loafers, like the one's you'll find in the next slide.

    Available from Piperlime for $22

  • Gold Buckle Loafer Pumps 3 of 7

    Loafers are a classic menswear look that never go out of style, and these gold buckle pumps have an updated look reminiscent of the loafers that pilgrim men might have worn. A sleek, feminine shape, modest heel, and delicate gold buckle make them a great shoe to wear with both dresses and trousers.

    Available from Macy's for $59.99

  • Long Black Boyfriend Blazer 4 of 7

    The pilgrim men we see in classic illustrations were usually draped with long, drab black coats. You can put a new spin on this look with fancy satin lining that peeks out from underneath the rolled up sleeves of this boyfriend style blazer.

    Available from Joy the Store for £30.00

  • Full Black Maxi Skirt 5 of 7

    This long, full maxi skirt would be perfect for the modest pilgrim lady. For your Thanksgiving dinner, you'll probably want a different option than the midriff top picture above, but a simple fitted sweater or classic button-up blouse would make this a classy and current choice.

    Available from Nasty Gal for $68

  • White Collar and Cuffed Black Dress 6 of 7

    Here's a look that never goes out of style. The Puritan pilgrims are often thought of as wearing white collars and cuffs on their black ensembles. This little black dress is reminiscent of that, but it's still perfect for a holiday gathering, or even a professional environment.

    Available from ASOS for $44.50

  • Classic Black Hat 7 of 7

    A tall, black hat with a big, flashy buckle might look a little awkward at your Thanksgiving gathering. But a classic black hat like this? It would make a great addition to your pilgrim-inspired look.

    Available from Zappos for $52

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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