Mom Style Blogger Spotlight: Beth Parker

I am a huge fan of finding inspiration not only for my private clients, but for myself on Pinterest. I even have a secret board with ideas for whatever client or clients I am working with at that moment. One blogger I kept pinning was Beth Parker from the blog Seersuckle + Saddles. Her style is fun yet timeless and classic, just what my clients (and anyone for that matter) is looking for. I quickly became addicted to her blog and her style and use it regularly while pulling looks. Here are a few of my favorites from this mom whose style is full of southern charm and enviable sophistication.

Images by Kristin Tatem

  • Meet Beth Parker 1 of 11
    Beth Main

    This southern style blogger has a style all of her own, one that inspires. 

  • The Classic Trench 2 of 11

    The classic trench, a must in everyone's wardrobe, perfectly styled with gold accents. 

  • Leather Love 3 of 11

    A basic black pencil skirt will never let you down, but one in leather is a head turner! 

  • Stripes & Fur 4 of 11

    I have a faux fur vest that I love and live in. It's great to see how she styles it.

  • Girlish Charm 5 of 11

    Printed pants done to perfection with a peter pan collared top and flats, very girlish yet still sophisticated. 

  • Camo Cool 6 of 11

    I'm not a fan of camo, never been...until now. Who would have thought to pair with a stripe peplum top? Note to self...someone has more striped tops than I do and I must catch up. 

  • Unexpected Pairings 7 of 11

    Look closely. Is that a sequins top worn with denim? Why yes. Yes it is. 

  • Simple Statement 8 of 11

    Dark pants, a basic sweater and notice she never leaves home without a statement piece of jewelry, in this case a necklace. It pulls everything together. 

  • The Golden Accents 9 of 11

    This look couldn't be any simpler, but it is all in the details, something I noticed in all her looks. The gold toed flats just make the zippers on the pant pop and the gold chain link bracelet is similar to the chain link on her bag. Planned or not, it worked in her always.

  • The New Neutrals 10 of 11

    You all know why I love this look. Those shoes are everything and can be worn with everything. I love how she doesn't care to wear a printed top with a printed shoe and uses both as basics. She's made me pull out a striped tunic and my leopard booties. 

  • The Showstopper Jacket 11 of 11

    I've saved the best for last, though it was hard to pick a favorite. She could've worn this jacket with a potato sack and I couldn't have loved it more. The colored bag just sets everything off. Did I mention this was my favorite? 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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