No More Buyer’s Remorse: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Clothes


One of my not-so-great talents used to be bringing home bags full of clothing I liked at the store. I ended up having to return the majority of them or, even worse, ended up keeping and never wearing most of them. I failed to think through what I was purchasing, and acted impulsively one too many times. It left me with clothes that fit poorly or clothes that went unused, and the worst part? I was low on cash!

I have better judgment now, and a closet full of clothes that I love and wear often. I’ve learned to shop smarter and ask myself questions before buying anything! 

Here are my go-to questions before making a purchase, and how to avoid buyer’s remorse!

  • Is It Flattering? 1 of 7

    It's not enough to ask, "Does it fit?" (although a valid question), but "Is it flattering?" is the better question! So often I've brought home pieces that DO fit, but after trying it on multiple times I discover it just doesn't work on my body shape, and it ends up sitting in my closet. When you're shopping be sure to check out every angle (like we do at home) to make sure you feel totally comfortable in your new purchase.

  • Am I Getting It Just Because It’s On Sale? 2 of 7

    This one gets me almost every time! I love a good deal and I'm always drawn to clearance racks, but I cannot count how many times I impulsively bought things simply because they were 50% off or whatever deal seemed so good at the time, and ended up only wearing it once (or not at all!) because I didn't love it. Rule of thumb: You're not saving money if you never wear it, even if you got a deal on it. 

  • Is It Versatile? 3 of 7

    Is it something you can wear with at least three or more outfits? If not, it'd be smart to pass and buy something that is! Versatile doesn't just mean a pair of jeans or white t-shirt. Think about a dress that can be styled in every season, a neutral bag that matches everything, a necklace that can be worn in casual and dressy environments. The savings can add up if you're asking yourself this question every time!

  • Does the Price Match the Quality? 4 of 7

    A $50 tee shirt doesn't necessarily hold up better than a $20 one. Investing in staple pieces is a great way to save money in the long run, but do your research and make sure the clothes you're investing in are actually quality pieces. 

  • Do I Have Something Similar? 5 of 7

    Take one look in my closet and you'll see I didn't ask myself this question too often. We are drawn to what we like and what is familiar, but do you really need one more black scoop neck dress? Do a quick closet inventory check in your head to avoid stocking up on the same pieces.

  • Am I Comfortable In It? 6 of 7

    How do you feel in it? Is it itchy? Does it cut into your arms? Will it sit in your closet and never get worn because the tags bother you? Let's talk comfort from all angles too — is it so short you know you'll constantly be tugging on it? Do you feel silly wearing 4" heels? If these questions make you hesitate, it is probably best to pick something else! 

  • Is This Trend on Its Way Out? 7 of 7

    Was this a super hot trend ... last year? You're starting to see way less of it and maybe for good reason — skip it this time and look for something similar that is newly trendy or better yet, a timeless piece. 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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