7 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothing

I have a little addiction. Aside from my love of Pepsi, I love to shop even more. I even window shop from my iPad and dream of the day when I can turn our spare bedroom into a dressing room. The problem is, we are die hard savers who have also caught the travel bug. My husband works hard and loves a relaxing vacation. In fact, we took 3 this past year alone. I’ve worked more hours and I’ve cut back on my spending, so I have to find alternative ways to really get the wardrobe pieces I want.

Here are my clever ways to save money on clothes this year so you can spend on what really matters most.

  • How to Save 1 of 8

    Learn to save money on clothes by using something other than the "sale" rack!

  • Try Out New Site Swapdom 2 of 8

    Swapdom  is a new way to let go of pieces from your own wardrobe and trade them in for unique secondhand items. It's extremely easy to use. Simply request items you love, tell Swapdom what you will offer in exchange, and then sit back and let Swapdom organize a multi-person swap. It's the perfect way to get a new look for the new year!  

  • Or Poshmark! 3 of 8

    I'm fairly new to this site as I just discovered and joined Poshmark myself, but already I see a lot that I like. Here you can shop, sell, and even join shopping parties. You're welcome. In the meantime, check out Christine's Closet. (She has 10k followers for a reason!) 

    Image from @TheTinyTieRant

  • Throw Your Own Swap Party 4 of 8

    Have 5-6 girlfriends pack up wearable pieces that they no longer want and trade. Oh, you don't want that green dress because you've worn it a few times and everyone has already seen you in it? Here, take this purse I no longer carry and give me your dress. Have fun and have everyone BYOCocktails, it's still a party after all. For more details on how to plan the perfect party, check out Always Order Dessert so Alejandra can show you how to plan and prep! 

    Image via Always Order Dessert

  • Scan Deals On eBay 5 of 8

    I've had some great luck on eBay. I search for what I want, view every image carefully and watch the item until the listing is almost expired. I wait to bid the maximum amount I would spend in the last 45-60 seconds, it works about half the time and it's a risk, but I save a ton. I prefer to shop e-drop off, a Chicago based eBay consignment shop. 

    image via eBay

  • DIY Some Projects! 6 of 8

    I am not a crafty person, but I have a sewing machine and a degree in fashion design so in reality I'm just being kind of lazy. Instead of throwing out that rundown piece in your closet, see if you can turn it into something you love. Head over to Pinterest for some fantastic inspiration. 

    image pinned from Park & Cube

  • Visit Your Local Thrift Shop 7 of 8

    You would be surprised what you may find in there. During the holidays, I ended up grabbing not one but two bags for under $5. That's $10, versus the $80 I spent on the last clutch I bought. But if you aren't convinced, check out my friend Troy! Her inexpensive, fabulous wardrobe will shock you when you see how little she's spent at Thriftanista in the City

    image via Thriftanista in the City

  • Social Media 8 of 8

    A lot of bloggers are taking to their Instagram accounts and their FB pages to get rid of their popular designer duds without a middle man. With a simple email and "offer," you can score that exact outfit you pinned from your favorite style blog. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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