Sorry, Iggy: Here’s My “Not Fancy” Mom Wardrobe

There comes a time when you listen to the latest pop songs and realize you are no longer a part of their target demographic. Maybe it’s because listening to the radio has slid pretty low on your priority list, or because of all the wisdom you’ve picked up in your decades of life, or because you’re just generally out of touch. Either way, most pop songs are for the young. The same way your parents felt when they heard TLC’s “Scrubs” or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

If you’ve heard Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy,” you might be feeling the circle of life. It’s possible you haven’t heard “Fancy” yet, which further proves my point of being outside its intended audience. Ms. Iggy Azalea raps about her fancy life, including trips to Toyko, expensive jewelry, champagne, hotel rooms, etc … Brooke and I decided to write a parody song about our “un-fancy” lives now that we have kids. Here’s our finished project for your entertainment:


It’s all about how our lives have changed now that we have kids. Even though our lifestyle isn’t fancy as moms, we wouldn’t change the endless diapers, baby bodily fluid clean-ups, or the little hands pulling on our skirts for anything. In honor of this parody, I’ve put together three “not fancy” mom wardrobe ideas inspired by our shoot that can be worn in real life — not just in music videos.

1. “Not Fancy” Casual Look


This is the same tee Brooke wore in the video. She found it in the men’s section at Target, which is one of my favorite places to find unique tees. Instead of mom jeans, we paired it with these forgiving stretch skinnies. They give you the ability to jump and dive after toddlers, but are still current and flattering. No studded stilettos for this momma; instead a pair of flats with cute details will do the trick. You can wear them all day — even though they aren’t fancy — and your feet will be thanking you.

Purchase this tee at Target for $12.99.

Purchase these skinny jeans from Zara for $69.90.

Purchase these flats at Lulus for $22.

2.  “Not Fancy” Dressy Look


Our next outfits in the parody video were black and white dresses we found at a thrift store. They come from the fancy era of the eighties, but those satirical dresses are way to fancy for a real mom’s wardrobe. Instead I chose this practical and chic black and white patterned dress. Patterns are great when you’re a mom because they’re more forgiving to spit up or unexpected nursing leakage. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Dresses with cotton blends are comfortable and washable, unlike the fancier fabrics like silk, satin, or taffeta. Sexy little clutches are a thing of the past; as moms we need a big bag to hold all the stuff we use on a daily basis. This pink leather bag is perfect for our lifestyle. It will wear beautifully as we beat it up, and the color ads energy to our outfit. Who needs to be fancy when your life can be so fun?! You can finish off your look with a pair of pretty flats and a cardigan, which can double as a babies blanket or stain coverer.

Purchase this dress at Lularoe for $44.

Purchase this bag from FreshlyPicked for $240.

Purchase these flats at ShopPrimaDonna for $14.90.

Purchase this cardigan from Anthropologie for $88.

3. “Not Fancy” for Everything Else


This last “not fancy” outfit starts with a hat. It’s stylish and can also hide your unwashed hair on days that time isn’t on your side. This necklace is a little more fancy than our macaroni necklaces, but the multiple strands keep it strong when my toddler tries to hang on it. I’ve had to put my dainty gold and silver necklaces on hiatus until his climbing phase has passed. All the accessories for this outfit, including shoes, are a shade of white, which is the best place to wear this hue. White dresses, shirts, and pants are crisp and fresh, but bound to get destroyed in a matter of seconds. These shorts are classic and can be thrown in the wash after each use. The longer length is also great for added comfort. Stripes are our go-to pattern — it’s almost a Girls with Glasses uniform. If you want to see more about the clothes from our video, you can check out our blog here at The Girls with Glasses.

Purchase this hat at Madewell for $58.

Purchase this necklace from ShopPrimaDonna for $19.99.

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Motherhood is the hardest but most meaningful thing I’ve ever been a part of. Putting on the motherhood hat sometimes means leaving your pride and ego at the door. Feeling “un-fancy” is bound to happen when you’re wrestling a diaper onto a squirming kiddo, cleaning up accidents while potty training, or trying to defuse a tantrum. Some days are harder than others, but taking care of my two charming boys and loving them with all my heart is worth more than any fancy sacrifice I’ve had to make and will have to make. There are no clothing choices, pretty possessions, luxurious trips, or glamorous parties that could compare to the joy I get spending time with and raising two energetic and dynamic balls of chaos. These three outfits might not be the fanciest, but they are still stylish, practical, and the uniform I have chosen.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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