One Diaper Bag Styled Three Ways!

I was never much of a bag person growing up, and even after my first baby was born, I just made do with the bags that I already owned. Once I was pregnant with my second, I felt like a real diaper bag was justified. I searched high and low, and finally decided on one that got pretty good reviews and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. It was faux leather, looked like a purse, and was a pretty berry color. Within about six months, the straps were completely worn down and frayed, the outside was thrashed, and the lining inside was worn thin. I was super annoyed since I’d paid over one hundred dollars for it. Since then I’ve bounced from one bag to another, again just using what I had, but every bag I used certainly left something to be desired in the baby gear department.

THEN! Lily Jade sent me their Madeline Diaper Backpack/Bag and quite seriously all of my diaper bag troubles were washed away. The look of it is perfect and classic, with it’s gorgeous and luxurious brown leather (although it comes in black and red!), the shape is perfect and is big, but not too huge and not at all boxy, and definitely roomy. Once I opened it, I discovered nearly innumerable pockets and was totally sold. I can fit pretty much my entire house in there, comfortably. Also, the fact that it works as a regular purse, an over the shoulder bag, and a backpack may be the biggest selling point for me. This is absolutely a high quality bag that will last for years.

The best part? They’re on sale right now AND they’re offering 20% off with code Babble20 at checkout — treat yourselves, mamas!

Click through for a few pictures of the amazing Lily Jade Madeline bag, as well as three ways I styled it as a busy mom on the go!

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    Click through to see my favorite diaper bag, the Lily Jade Madeline Bag!

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    This gorgeous bag is such a classic color, shape, and style, and is a bag that is absolutely worth the investment since it will last you for years, even after your babies are grown!

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    The bag comes with a removable inside storage compartment that allows for unbelievable amounts of storage!

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    Once the removable storage compartment is back inside the bag, there is still plenty of room and everything is in view! 

  • Shoulder Bag 5 of 7

    I love bags that come with long shoulder straps so I can wear them as a messenger bag. A mom of two babies absolutely needs two free hands, so a shoulder bag is a must. 

  • Purse 6 of 7

    When I'm without my kids, I can easily remove the compartment inside, and it just shrinks down into a nice roomy bag for my wallet, water bottle, and any other essentials. If I am with my kids, the short straps are also great for grabbing my bag quickly and running out the door. 

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    The fact that this bag is a backpack is an amazing perk. I love being completely hands-free and being able to carry some of the weight of a full bag on my back. Plus, backpacks are fun and trendy! 

    Check out all of Lily Jade's products here, and don't forget to use the code Babble20 for 20% off your purchase!!

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