Pineapple Style! 16 Ways to Take a Bite out of Summer’s Tastiest Trend

Pineapple Style!

Put a pineapple on it … and I’m not just talking about your pizza. Pineapple has made its way into your closet and onto your shirts, pants, dresses, and beyond. This tasty tropical fruit is as darling as it is delicious. I was recently in Hawaii where I noticed loads of great looking pieces with pineapples on them. I knew they were getting popular but just assumed it was a Hawaiian thing. Then I made it back to the mainland to see that Target was selling just the most magical little button-up with perfect little water-color pineapples all over it. Looks like pineapple style has hit the big time. Before it leaves the spotlight, check out a few of my favorite pieces for you to stay cool in during a hot summer!

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