Want to Feel Better About Your Post Baby Body? Follow These Wardrobe Tips.

Summer Bellessa_and_babyWhen I was pregnant I gained 65 pounds.  In the throws of pregnancy, I knew this transformation was natural and for a really good cause, so it wasn’t a huge concern. Twenty or so pounds had to do with the baby, expanding uterus, blood supply, etc., and between all the calories I would burn breast feeding I thought I would be able to get the weight off fairly quickly. I was more worried about which gizmos and gadgets I would need, how I’d get any work done after the baby came, and overall coming up with a game plan to be the best mom a little guy could ask for. That’s a lot to think about. And I was pregnant! It’s cute to be big! That’s what you do!

And then came the day after I gave birth.

I had heard everyone’s horror stories about pregnancy and delivery, so I was mentally prepared for that craziness. What no one mentioned was how I’d still look 6 months pregnant for a few days, and your uterus doesn’t fully shrink for two weeks. I wanted to jump into my pre-baby weight jeans. It sounds silly as I write this, but it took me by surprise. With all the weight I gained, it was almost a year before I was back to normal with my first, and I just hit a year with my second, I still have 10 pounds to lose. I have a new respect for my body (read about it here), but it doesn’t change the fact, that when you have a baby you have to adapt your wardrobe, or you won’t look your best.

It took the second time around for me to master my post baby wardrobe. Even as I began to lose the weight, I had a whole different body to dress, which included a lot of action in places I wasn’t use to having action in. Post baby fashions made a huge difference on my emotional well-being. I was able to look forward to our date nights, instead of dreading them because I had nothing to wear. Being able to put your best foot forward does wonders for your overall happiness. It’s not about being vain, it’s about being you. Below are 10 tips that helped me and I hope this information helps you be a happy, healthy, and good looking mama.

  • Stretch Jeans 1 of 10

    At first, I didn't want to invest in a pair of jeans that I would only wear for a few week, but the alternative is wearing your maternity pants or sweats for however long it takes for your uterus to shrink and for you to loose any lingering weight. It took you 9 months to gain all the weight, don't expect it to take less time to loose it. Pick a dark denim, it's slimming. And remember, nobody feels sexy in sweat pants. 

     Purchase at Zara for $69.90

  • Fit 2 of 10

    Fit is even more important than usual. If you wear baggy clothes, you'll look huge, but if you wear tight clothes, it shows every imperfection. Shop at a lower priced store, like Forever 21 or H&M. The items might not be made to last, but neither is that size on your body. Also, sleeves can be your best friend. They add sophistication to your new mom look, and they also give you some time to tone up those arms.

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  • Boyfriend Shirt 3 of 10

    This is Gap's boyfriend shirt for women, but you might want to check your real man's closet before you go out and buy a bunch. They're classic, they give you easy access for nursing and it gives you room to slim down.

    Purchase this Gap shirt for $49.94

  • Fancy Flats 4 of 10

    Splurge on some flats, if you don't already have a pair you love. Now that you are carrying a diaper bag, a baby and countless other things, be nice to your feet!  It will also make it easier when you are chasing after a toddler. Don't get some boring brown ones, make sure to find ones that are fabulous. 

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  • Post Baby Girdle 5 of 10

    This little item, isn't really a fashion trend, but it can help you look better in your fashion. The modern girdle is every birthing beauty's best friend. It will help your body get back to normal faster. 

    Purchase at Nordstrom for $65.95

  • Maternity Shirts 6 of 10

    Not all maternity shirts are created equal. You might be able to wear a lot of your maternity clothes after baby comes, but be careful of  anything with rucheing on the sides, or a clear bump. It might open yourself up to the deadly "When are you due?" questions.

    Purchase this maternity top at ASOS for $30

  • Scoop Neck 7 of 10

    No two bodies are the same, not even your pre and post bodies! Look out for things that look good on the body that you're in. Don't get stuck in the rut of what looked good on you last year. I use to hate how scoop necks looked on me, but with my new curves, scoop necks are much more flattering. The higher the neckline the more awkward and large my chest looks. Opening up the neckline helps balance my full figure. This might change once I stop nursing, but until then...

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  • Stretch Pencil Skirt 8 of 10

    If you're nursing, say goodbye to dresses for a little bit. Unless the dress has some buttons, skirts are your new best friends. This pencil skirt is also great because it's stretchable, which is comfortable and allows you to keep wearing it while your pregnant, after your pregnant and when your back to your sexy self. 

    Purchase at LulaRoe for $26

  • Kitten Heel 9 of 10

    Heels can sass up a date night outfit, but going straight for the 6 inch heels might not be the best. The kitten heel is the perfect choice, a middle ground that gives you a lift, but is still pretty practical.

    Purchase at Anne Taylor for $128

  • Bra 10 of 10

    Here's another thing that won't see the light of day, but will make a huge difference in how you feel and look. Your curves should be smooth and contained. As your body changes it's important to also change your bra. Spilling over your current bra can be terrible for your comfort and undermine your confidence. Victoria's Secret will fit you for exactly what you need right now.

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