Prep School Style: 5 Cute Clothing Essentials for Kids


With all of the kids in our area going back to school next week, we’re all in prep-mode over here. I love everything about back-to-school season, from shopping for new clothes to checking off everything on my kids’ school supplies lists. And with my 4-year-old headed to junior kindergarten this year, I’ve been trying to find some great clothing styles that are both comfy for kids to play and move around in, and convenient for moms to find.

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Go Preppy! 1 of 13
A preppy look with basic lightweight layers and easy slip-on shoes makes for outfits your kids can throw on by themselves on a school morning.

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Lightweight Layers for Boys 2 of 13
There are so many cute button-up shirts out there, and they're great to wear under a short- sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved pullover, a sweater, or just by itself.

Find this one at Old Navy for $17.94
Lightweight Layers for Girls 3 of 13
A chambray shirt for girls is so versatile and a perfect layering piece.

 Find this one at Old Navy for $22
Comfy Bottoms for Boys 4 of 13
You want to send your kids to school in something that looks cute but is comfy enough for running around at the playground, so these shorts are definitely one of my top choices.

Find them at Old Navy for $11.99
Comfy Bottoms for Girls 5 of 13
Pick a knee-length, comfy skirt for your girls so they stay covered up on the playground, but also have plenty of room to move and run around!

Find this one at Old Navy for $16.94
Polo Shirts 6 of 13
Polo shirts make for a slightly dressier outfit that makes your kids look and feel put together for their first day of school!
Polos for Boys 7 of 13
I'm a huge fan of polos for kids because they instantly take their outfit up a notch. Always looking to make a good impression on that first day of school, they're a great pick. Plus, they come in such a huge variety of colors and patterns!

Find this one at Old Navy for $14
Polos for Girls 8 of 13
Polo shirts for girls can be cute, but even cuter are the polo dresses. I love them with tights and Mary Jane shoes in the fall!

Find this one at Old Navy for $12
Use last season's pieces! 9 of 13
Last season's jeans still fit him in the waist, but were too short, so we chopped them off to make simple cut-off shorts!
Backpacks for Girls 10 of 13
Of course a book bag is essential for school days! Choose a basic and sturdy one that will last several years (and one she'll still like and want to wear in a few years)!

Find this one at Target for $29.99
Backpacks for Boys 11 of 13
In the early years, I sometimes just sent my little boy to school with a lunchbox since he doesn't bring homework home. But as he gets older, a good sturdy backpack is definitely an essential.

Find this one at Target for $22.99
Shoes for Boys 12 of 13
And last but not least, shoes. In the early mornings, as I prep lunches and get breakfast on the table, I want to make things as easy as possible, so I avoid tie-up shoes and just go straight for the slip-ons.

Find these ones at Target for $16.99
Shoes for Girls 13 of 13
These slip-on shoes for girls are darling, and will go with anything and everything!

Find them at Target for $19.99
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