Saltwater Sandals! Yes, They Go with Everything!

I am guilty! Yes, there it is! I have said it! I am in love with Saltwater Sandals, along with you, you, and you too. Do not play coy.

Despite the “What are those hideous things on your feet?!” comments that I usually get from my sister, the responses I receive from wearing my Saltwaters are usually overwhelmingly positive. On the days that River Mae and I decide to be all matchy matchy, you bet I end up blushing. All the oohs and aahs, and “Omg, they match!” comments pretty much make my day. 

You can probably understand my excitement when I bought my first red pair and then realized I could purchase them in just about every color! Set for life? You bet! Yellow, blue, tan, white (not a fan, sorry), orange! They go with everything, they really do!

There are so many styles you can try with them. Feeling bohemian? Perfect. Nerdy? They’re perfect for that too.

So consider this a favor.

You’re welcome.

  • Saltwater Sandals 1 of 4

    Yes, they look great with everything! 

    Sandal photo via Modcloth

  • Girly/bohemian 2 of 4

    They always add a nice pop of complimentary color!

  • Relaxed Denim 3 of 4

    Matching up a pair of bright Saltwater Sandals with relaxed denim and a white shirt makes for the perfect Saturday errand outfit. 

  • Funky/nautical 4 of 4

    The pants are doing a lot of "talking" in this photo, so mixing the Saltwater Sandals chilled down the look a bit. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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