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There is nothing like shoe shopping, wouldn’t you agree ladies? There’s just something about finding the perfect shoes, whether online or in-store, to complete your collection and make your feet happy. If you’re like me, you buy them online, get them delivered a few days later and with unbridled excitement, carefully unwrap them from their pretty boxes and inspect every last inch of them, from heel to toe. You may try them on, admire their beauty, commit to keeping them, and then place them in some sort of display-like fashion in your closet, or maybe even reserve a special place on your bookshelves to look at them daily.

And then seven months later, you find them in the same place, with a fine layer of dust covering them, never worn, realistically, never-to-be-worn. If you still love admiring them, you may smile at your ability to make a really great purchase on an investment piece you still may wear years down the line. But guilt may also overwhelm your being knowing that you spent more than you should have on shoes you’ll never wear.

This is where Just Soles may be able to swap a little bit of that guilt out for a little return on your investment. Just Soles allows you to sell or rent your shoes with/through them OR offers access to a sort of dream closet where you can rent shoes at a fraction of their retail cost on a weekly basis. It’s like Bag Borrow or Steal for your feet.

Now as a wardrobe collector, the idea of sharing my shoes makes me a little anxious, I cannot tell a lie, but there are plenty of shoes in my closet I am willing to part with but honestly just do not want to do the work. I could easily rent or sell them myself via my blog or any of my social media platforms, but even that seems like time I don’t have and effort I’m not willing to put in.

Just Soles does all the work for you. You send them your shoes and they do the rest.

While I’m pretty sure this is a fairly new business, Just Soles already has a nice inventory of shoes for rent, though not in a huge variety of sizes. But I think in time, this will catch on strong. Imagine if you have one event to go to and just need a pair of great shoes for one night? Or maybe this could be a fun route for fashion bloggers, who constantly feel the pressure to have the latest and greatest trends? Flip through the shoes below to see my favorites for rent right now.

  • Just Soles 1 of 8

    Sell or rent your shoes from your closet and let Just Soles do all the work for you.


    OR buy or rent a pair of fabulous shoes to complete your look for a fraction of the cost.

  • Not so Mellow Yellow Manolos 2 of 8

    This is a great example of the perfect rental shoe. These canary yellow Manolo Blahnik ‘Dodo' Strappy Sandals size 38 are gorgeous but realistically won't get more than a few wears a year in your own closet. Retail value $695 and rent from $80 per week

  • Brian Atwood Ankle Boots 3 of 8

    These stunning black Brian Atwood ‘Ankle Boots' size 38 retail for $865 and rent from $100 a week.

  • Jimmy Choo For Days! 4 of 8

    These gorgeous Jimmy Choo ‘Callie' Sandals size 37.5 retail at $995 and rent for just $125 a week.

  • Prada Oxfords 5 of 8

    These Beautiful Patent Leather Ox Blood Menswear Inspired Prada Spazza Fume Oxford Heels size 38 are stunning and retail at $890 but you can rent them for $105 a week at Just Soles.

  • Brian Atwood Sexy Sandals 6 of 8

    These buttery soft flesh-tones Brian Atwood ‘Encanta' Strappy Sandals size 38 are so hot right now and retail for $1375 but they can be yours for $150 for the week.

  • Sole Events! 7 of 8

    Have a group of ladies who need shoes for an event? Going to a wedding? Part of a bridal party? Engagement party? Night out with the girls? Celebrating a birthday? Ok this list could keep going… Ladies never need a reason for a new pair of shoes. So Just Soles will help you out!


    -Let them know the shoes you want to rent and the size (if it's not part of the Just Soles inventory contact that seller directly) -Tell them when the date of the event is so they can have them available for you.

    -If it's 4 shoes or more at a time you will receive 20% off

    -Go to Sole Events to learn more about group needs.

  • How to Spot a Fake 8 of 8

    Just Soles has a blog too. A recent entry How To Spot A Fake by Heather Holt has some really helpful tips for spotting a fake shoe design when shopping.

Learn a little more by watching the video below…

If you can’t see the video above go to: Just Soles

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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