She Says/He Says: 10 Men’s Fashions that Women Can’t Stand

You might remember the post He Says/She Says: 10 Fashion Styles Men Hate and Women Love, in which I polled a group of guys in their 20s and 30s about which fashion trends they’d rather not see on their ladies.

(And why their ladies shouldn’t care one bit.)

Well at the request of the girls, I polled that same group to get a reverse reaction: Fashion styles that men love and women hate.

So guys, it’s your turn. Here are some fashion styles that the ladies aren’t digging:

  • Pssst…Women Don’t Like These Clothes 1 of 11

    Hey guys? Here are some tips from the ladies. But between me and you, just rock whatever makes you comfortable.

  • Childish Graphic Tees 2 of 11

    ...Also in this category are graphic tees with barely dressed women and offensive writing. 

    She Says: "It just lacks creativity and...maturity. I guess it takes a certain personality to pull off, and it helps if that personality is a 15-year-old boy." 

    He Says: "There's nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. You might buy clothes for the label or the style, but most guys are looking for comfort. And my graphic tees give me comfort."


    Urban Outfitters, $24


  • Deep Scoop Necks and V-necks 3 of 11

    I'll raise my hand at this one. 

    He Says: "What? What's wrong with this? I wear V-Necks all the time. Can you explain?"

    She Says: "I think it's because most men have chest hair, and I'm sorry but we really don't want to see all that chest hair." 


    American Apparel, $23


  • Camo Everything 4 of 11

    I just want to go on the record and say that I don't have a problem with camo pants or shorts, but it was certainly a popular answer for the ladies. 

    He Says: "Maybe if a guy is dressed in head-to-toe camo, that's a little much. But I like my camo shorts. They're not any different than your flower pants or polka dot dresses."

    She Says: "Enough is enough. I'm just tired of it. WE CAN SEE YOU." 


    H&M, $35


  • Flip Flops 5 of 11

    Moral of the story: If you have feet that shouldn't be seen, don't show them.

    He Says: "Now here's a double standard. I see plenty of girls with jacked up toes wearing sandals and flip flops. We don't think it's attractive, either."

    She Says: "Please no. Put them away. 9 out of 10 times, the guy has hairy toes or overgrown nails or something else funky going on."


    Old Navy, $17


  • Tank Tops 6 of 11

    This debate got heated. Where do you weigh in on the male tank?

    He Says: "I'm a skinny dude with tattoos, not a meathead-looking guy. It's my style."

    She Says: "Anything that exposes underarm hair is a turn off."


    Urban Outfitters, $32


  • Short Sleeve Dress Shirts 7 of 11

    I happen to equate this look with Dwight Schrute, and I guess I'm not alone.

    He Says: "Yeah they have a nerdy rep, but it's a summertime office necessity."

    She Says: "My biggest male fashion pet peeve. They look silly and dorky, I'm sorry."


    Kohls, $27


  • Vests 8 of 11

    Not puffer vests, but fashion vests.

    He Says: "I don't have a problem with them. I dig the look, if you can pull it off."

    She Says: "Unless you're going to a formal event or you're Magic Mike, lose the vest."


    Macy's, $60


  • Beanies 9 of 11

    More specifically: Beanies in the summer or spring.

    He Says: "Sometimes we need to cover up our unwashed hair. It happens."

    She Says: "It looks dirty, especially with shorts and a tank top. Isn't your head sweating?"


    Urban Outfitters, $26


  • Super Skinny Jeans 10 of 11

    Again, I don't have a problem with skinny jeans on a guy. Rock 'em. 

    He Says: "They're called SLIM FIT PANTS, not skinny jeans."

    She Says: "I need to have the smaller pants in the relationship. That's just the way it is."


    H&M, $19.95

  • Leather Pants 11 of 11

    And yes — faux leather pants included.

    He Says: "If I could afford them, I'd probably wear them."

    She Says: "Unless you're a Chippendales dancer or you're performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show, you probably can't pull it off. They look sweaty."


     Nordstrom, $995


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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