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I recently became familiar with a wonderful company that’s out to change the lives of women, one fashionable purchase at a time. The company is called Noonday Collections and it is a fashion house full of handmade goods straight from talented, hardworking craftswomen in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Haiti, India, Uganda, Rwanda, Ecuador, Vietnam, Bali, and Thailand. You can read all about these artisans HERE. The more we buy, the more we’re able to support these women in promoting stable families and economic growth in their home towns and villages. It’s such a wonderful cause, and I’m so excited to help spread the word. I especially love the way each product looks like it was made for a simple jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Every single piece is such a great, laid-back statement.

I’ve teamed up with Noonday Collections to highlight a few of my favorite designs in the hopes that you’ll find something for yourself, your sister, your mother, or your daughter, and help give these women more fuel for their fire. You can shop online or become acquainted with a Noonday Ambassador in your area.

  • Brightly Wound Bracelet in Coral 1 of 17

    I have always loved the look of these layered bracelets. They're so laid back, yet attention grabbing.

    Get it HERE, $28

  • Burnt Triangles Bracelet 2 of 17

    I love this chunky bracelet, the perfect way to edge up jeans and sneakers.

    Get it HERE, $25

  • La Gloria Bag 3 of 17

    This bag is a total party. 

    Get it HERE, $138

  • Urban Folklore Bag 4 of 17

    I love this little bag so so much! So much personality. So good with ripped jeans and a white T-shirt and some really great, simple heels.

    Get it HERE, $98

  • Sophie Square Bracelet, in Camel 5 of 17

    Easily my most favorite piece. This shape is outrageously cool. 

    Get it HERE, $30

  • Ana’s Scarf 6 of 17

    I love the look of a really beautiful, really casual scarf, and this blue combined with that print . . . and those tassels! This is a beautiful piece of art. 

    Get it HERE, $64

  • Animalito – El Pollo 7 of 17

    Good as little gifts for small children, or as Christmas ornaments, or strung together to make a whimsical garland. 

    Get it HERE, $20

  • Tasseled Bullet Bracelets, Set of 3 8 of 17

    Really fun to layer with other bracelets for a good arm party.

    Get it HERE, $39

  • Rosa Scarf 9 of 17

    I get such a kick out of this scarf. Gray and pink can never go wrong, in my book. 

    Get it HERE, $72

  • Ancho Belt 10 of 17

    This belt will go with just about anything. 

    Get it HERE, $72

  • Nahuala Oval Tray 11 of 17

    Completely smitten with this rough tray. Put all your prettiest bottles of perfume on it. Amazing price point, too. 

    Get it HERE, $18

  • Many Ways Bag 12 of 17

    I own this and get so many compliments on it when I'm out and about. Works as a clutch or as a cross-body bag. Just the perfect size for date night. And the suede! The suede is killer. 

    Get it HERE, $78

  • Gatsby Necklace 13 of 17

    Such a statement-maker! I love how it looks with a simple white T-shirt. 

    Get it HERE, $42

  • Stacked Arrows Necklace 14 of 17

    One of my most favorites from the shop, this is a really great everyday piece.

    Get it HERE, $39

  • Modern Angles Necklace 15 of 17

    I love this shape and the mix of metals. 

    Get it HERE, $120

  • Tasseled Ladder Necklace 16 of 17

    I don't think this could get any more perfect. 

    Get it HERE, $62

  • Banded Brass Cuff 17 of 17

    I own this bracelet and I love the way it kills the need for any other piece of jewelry whatsoever. 

    Get it HERE, $38

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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