6 Unlikely Places to Shop for Cute Team Apparel

When you think about cute team apparel, are sporting good stores and discount centers the first retailers to come to mind? Those types of stores were my go-to for many years, until I discovered that several of my favorite retailers sell team apparel (in many cases, exclusively online). In honor of the “Big Game” coming up, I thought I’d share 6 unlikely places to shop for the absolute cutest team apparel. Now you can celebrate with your team and look fabulous doing it!

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    Click through for 6 unlikely places to shop for the cutest team apparel!

  • American Eagle 2 of 7
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     Most of American Eagle's team apparel is not sold in stores, so you may not know that they stock more than 40 team styles, and all of them are downright adorable. This Georgia top is cute enough to wear no matter what school you follow (except for those rivals!), and their varsity cardigans for several colleges are way too cute!

    Get the look from American Eagle for $19.95 on sale. Shop all of American Eagle's team apparel here.

  • Old Navy 3 of 7
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    Old Navy is one of my favorite shopping destinations for cute everyday clothes, but they also have an impressive team section on their website. They carry collegiate and pro team gear for men, women and children --  you can dress the entire family. 

    Get the look from Old Navy for $26.50. Shop all of Old Navy's team apparel here.

  • Torrid 4 of 7
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    Torrid stocks great styles in sizes 12 to 28, but what you may not know is that they also sell team apparel. Keep an eye on the graphic tee section to see the occasional pro or college team shirt pop up.

    Get the look from Torrid for $34.50. Shop all of Torrid's graphic tees here.

  • Victoria’s Secret 5 of 7
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    Victoria's Secret PINK has the absolute cutest collegiate loungewear, such as this hoodie from my alma matter. In spring 2014 they are expanding the line to include MLB teams, and in fall 2014 the line will include NFL teams.

    Get the look from Victoria's Secret for $69.50. Shop all of Victoria's Secret team apparel here

  • Forever 21 6 of 7
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     Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to shop for graphic tees. They are inexpensive and offer tons of variety. The graphic tee section almost always includes a few team shirts that are so cute, I'm tempted to buy them whether I root for that team or not!

    Get the look from Forever 21 for $13.80. Shop all of Forever 21's graphic tees here

  • Macy’s 7 of 7
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    Macy's may not be the first store that comes to mind for team apparel, but they stock hundreds of styles on their website for men, women and children, including pro teams and colleges!  

    Get the look from Macy's for $64. Shop all of Macy's team apparel here

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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