Sonnet James: Play Dresses For Playful Moms

Sonnet James: Play Dresses For Playful MomsI am an avid believer in the fact that becoming a mom is no excuse to give up on personal style (see EXHIBIT A: My #notyogapants series).

That said, I realize that dressing yourself as a mom poses an entirely new set of considerations. Before I was a mom my only thought when buying new clothes was: “Does this look cute on me?”. Now when I’m shopping I have to think about how practical an outfit will be for my daily “mom tasks” that are typically the type of tasks that require a hands-on approach. Cleaning up messes, chasing after busy toddlers, getting snot wiped on you, swinging at the park…none of these are exactly an occasion for a ball gown or anything, but I am also very firm in the fact that these are not occasions for frumpy workout wear either.

Enter Sonnet James, a line of dresses created specifically with moms in mind. Here’s what Sonnet James designer Whitney Lundeen has to say about the beginnings of her clothing line:

“I’ve learned how important it is that parents play with their kids. Too often I felt like my clothes were holding me back. I wanted to be able to get dirty without ruining my dry clean only. What if there was a dress that made it easy for moms to get down on their kid’s level and immerse themselves in their adventures. A dress that made you feel comfortable and spontaneous and ready to play, but also confident and attractive. Instead I found myself sitting and watching my kids. What if we could play with our kids and feel beautiful. Suddenly I knew what to do. Sonnet James started literally started on the kitchen floor of my teeny tiny apartment. I felt like time was running out and I wanted to be a playful mom for my boys right now, and so I made a play dress.”

As a mom who also believes strongly in the power of play, I am totally on board with Whitney’s fashion philosophy and think her dresses are a great idea! “Sonnet James designs durable, machine-washable dresses for mothers who want to be playful with their kids and feel beautiful” and who wouldn’t want that?

Currently Whitney has a Kickstarter fund for Sonnet James in order to give her line the funding it needs to get going full force. These dresses are sold out at Sonnet James online, but donators can receive dresses based on their pledge amounts, so head over and check it out!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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