Those Steve Madden Shoes You Were Obsessed with in the ’90s Are Making a Comeback

There are many, many ’90s fashions that don’t deserve to be unearthed again. Styles that had their time, and belong neatly tucked away in our memories, only to resurface when coming across embarrassing old photos from our elementary and middle-school days.

MC Hammer pants, for example. Neon-tinted sunglasses. And for the love of God, those Jordache overalls we couldn’t get enough of.

But then there are some other ’90s styles that still hold a special place in our hearts, no matter how old we get. Ones that deserve to be honored and celebrated in all their glory.

I’m talking about platform jellies. And butterfly clips. And T-shirt ties. And OMG those black light-up LA Gears with the gemstones and the pink laces THAT WERE SO FREAKIN’ COOL.

See what I mean? They bring with them a rush of memories and all sorts of lovely nostalgia.

And now, another beloved ’90s fashion is making comeback: Steve Madden “Slinky” Platforms.

Image Source: Steve Madden

If you were a tween or teen in the late ’90s, these shoes were the coolest. They were sleek-looking and super versatile, so you could pair them with pretty much anything, from shorts to dresses to those bell-bottom jeans from DEB. Though if you ask me, they looked pretty killer when paired with a plaid skort from Delia’s and a Tommy Hilfiger halter.

At least, from what I could tell myself while walking the middle school hallways.

Sadly, I never owned a pair of these bad boys myself. (Still a major life regret.) Instead, I had weird-looking knock-offs that I’m pretty sure my mom bought at Sears. They were an ugly kind of beige, and the shoe strap thingy was crocheted, so that the more I wore them, the more they stretched out. Before long, just walking the hallways before class became a bit of a production — always struggling to not let my foot slip through the front of them, or worse, perform the dreaded ankle roll. (What I’m saying is, I was pretty cool in middle school.)

But I digress.

Now that the Slinky is officially back — and selling for just $69.95 on SteveMadden.com — I figure it’s as good a time as any to hop on the fashion trend and buy a pair. (Who cares if I’m 20 years too late to the trend?)

And who knows; maybe we’ll start to see even more forgotten ’90s styles resurrecting themselves from the dead. Crop-tops anyone? Adidas track suits? Corduroy bell bottoms?

JK — perhaps it’s best to leave those ones where they belong, back in 1997.

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