STYLE FILE– From the STREETS to YOUR closet: Gabrielle from North Carolina

I had literally just finished reading this, when I ran into Gabrielle a few blocks away from my house. In an instant I forgot that my bladder was about to burst, and asked her for her picture. That’s what seeing someone in a pair of sneakers and a skirt will do to ya!  I never, ever, would have thought that I would be the type of girl who yearned for a new pair of sneakers. Sneakers in general actually. My first thought when buying sneakers is: “these would look good with yoga pants right? right.” But now, now I think of sneakers with mini skirts and blazers, or calf length skirts like Gabrielle. Sneakers with unlikely combinations!

Gabrielle was just one of the girls who rocked her look.  She didn’t seem to care about trends, and all that business. It was just her thing.

See how Gabrielle’s street style can be in your closet!

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    Click through the slideshow to see how Gabrielle's cool, relaxed, and hippy look can be your own. 

  • Gabrielle Crowther 2 of 11

    You know, when you know someone isn't trying to be hip or stylish but they are? I totally felt that with Gabrielle. Before she even told me she was an artist, I had a hunch she was. You could see it in her outfit, but moreso in her relaxed and open personality. Her get-up was not only that of an artist, but it was hers, and that is what drew me to her. 

  • Tory Burch earrings 3 of 11

    I love the geometric shape in these Tory Burch earrings! They can be dressed up (little black dress, pant suit etc.) or dressed down similar to Gabrielle's. 

    $125.00 at Tory Burch

  • Short hair. Big earrings 4 of 11

    Gabrielle's big earrings made such a statement. If you have short hair, big earrings are a must. Despite a pixie cut being a wow factor on its own, big earrings give a pixie cut that extra umph it needs at times. 

  • Statement necklace 5 of 11

    This look would be fabulous with a colorful statement necklace. 

    $35.90 at Zara

  • Sunglasses 6 of 11

    J'adore sunglasses!

    Bonlook- $49

  • Black bag 7 of 11

    This bowling bag is great for mamas who don't fancy a diaper bag. It's chic, but it's large enough to fit all of your needs and your child's needs. 

    Available at Zara for $79.90

  • Retro t-shirt 8 of 11

    It seems as if a retro t-shirt is more in demand than ever. And I understand why. It has endless styling possibilities. Gabrielle's t-shirt took her dressy-skirt and sneakers look from a mix mash of trends to just plain cool and cute. 

    Forever 21 at $15.80

  • Skirt and sneakers 9 of 11

    I know for some, the skirt and sneakers trend just isn't appealing. And for some, they don't even notice it's a "trend" -  it's just their thing, their style. I felt like it was definitely Gabrielle's thing. She liked it, so she wore it. I loved it. 

  • Floor length skirt 10 of 11

    With this look, a calf length skirt and a floor length skirt work just fine. 

    You can purchase this one at H&M for $17.95

  • Sneakers 11 of 11

    By now, you know, I am on this trend. Like all over it. And that's okay. A pair of New Balance sneakers are cost efficient, they last a long while, and they are comfortable. Fashion meets comfort. That's a first. 

    Go swipe a pair for $57.99 at New Balance!


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