Style File: From the STREETS to YOUR Closet — Chelsea Fairless

If there is one way you can earn your creeper badge quite easily, it’s running up to an unsuspecting Target customer with your toddler in tow and asking for her picture. I’m sure I probably created some lifelong fear in her. But really, she was so worth it – her hair, her outfit, and her nonchalant attitude toward shopping in Target with the most precious pair of red heels. The heels that made me want to bend down and inspect them bit by bit.

Not creepy at all.

Chelsea Fairless, who works at V Files, a hip site for all things fashion oriented, exemplified her position in person. I knew instantly she had to work in the business, as sometimes you can just sniff it out.

Again, not creepy at all. 

Chelsea’s frock was an easy, fussy-less vintage dream. Her hair; perfectly cut and manicured.

Here’s how Chelsea’s style can go from the streets to your closet!

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    Click through the slideshow to see how you can make Chelsea's street style your own!

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    At first glance, I thought Chelsea's dress was more of a Native American tribal dress. But at the same time, it screamed Pendleton to me. And now looking closely, with the sail boats, I'm not sure. But whatever it is, it's a wonderful combination of it all. lt's rare to find a vintage dress that combines comfort and chic. And it's even more rare to find someone who has styled it in such a way as Chelsea. 

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    This '70s clouds and sail boats dress is quite similar to Chelsea's. It seems very comfortable, and with the length a little above the ankle, there seems to be less fuss too. This dress would also look fantastic with a pair of bright clogs and/or a belt to give the dress a bit more shape. 

    Brown Cow Vintage: $38.00

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    I fully believe in going the extra mile when it comes to styling your pieces. If you wear a fun, comfy, stand-out dress, don't just throw on a pair of flip-flops and call it a day. It's all about the styling. It's all about making your pieces yours. Chelsea did just that by pairing an unlikely pair of red shoes. 

    Modcloth: $67.99


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