3 Important Style Lessons I Learned From My Mom

I’ve got this picture of my parents that I occasionally run across while tidying up computer files. It always makes my day! My dad has a borderline mullet and my mom is wearing a shiny purple jump suit.

Purple Jumpsuit

I love to tease my mom about that jumpsuit but she always shrugs and says, “I really loved that jumpsuit. I’d probably still wear it!”

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some important style lessons I’ve learned from my mom.

If you love it, wear it.

I don’t doubt that my mom would be rocking that purple jumpsuit if it was still around. She’s always been the type to just wear what she loves, regardless of trends. However, when a trend works for her she will totally make it her own (she looks AMAZING in neon thanks to her skin tone. That trend has been a good one for her).

I have a dress that I absolutely adore but the print was outdated almost from the moment I bought it. It suits my body type perfectly but I always debate whether or not it’s too outdated to wear. My mom is right though- that dress makes me feel like a million bucks and I should wear it until it falls apart if I love it. Who cares if it’s not the most stylish thing I own?



Your hair is worth your time and money.

My mom has crazy thick, curly, unruly hair. For as long as I can remember she has always taken the time and money to tame her hair into something she likes. She gets it relaxed, she highlights it, she deep conditions it.


I didn’t inherit her hair genes so my hair is much more manageable, but I’ve still taken her lesson to heart. Your hair can play a big part of how you feel about yourself, so take care of it! I regularly color my hair (and have fun with it!) because it makes me feel good about myself. I have regular appointments to keep my ends trimmed and my layers in check and I shell out for decent hair products.


Kayla Hair

(Yep, there’s my dress again!)

When I let my hair go I find that I start feeling kind of junky. Having a style and color I like are absolutely worth my time!


 Some things are worth the splurge.

When I asked my sister what style lessons she’s learned from our mom she responded, “Certain pieces are worth the investment. She encouraged me to buy a jacket almost 9 years ago that cost more than I really wanted to spend. I wore it last weekend and she commented that it looked new and was shocked when I told her that it was the same jacket. It wasn’t cheap but it was obviously worth the investment!”

Tommy Bahama jacket

My mom has always been willing to pay a little more for better quality. There are things in her closet that have been there for over a decade and still get regular wear. My sister and I are still sort of stuck in “starving student” mode and it’s good to have the reminder that cheap isn’t always the best way to go. Some things are worth paying for!


What style lessons have you learned from your mom?

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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