Style Tips For Petite Women

While they do tend to say that the best things in life come in small packages, a little height never hurt anyone. While I myself am not petite, I have had plenty of clients who are. I am constantly being asked what can be done to elongate a petite frame without the use of extremely high heels. It is all about adding more height and removing bulk to give the illusion of an extra inch or two. Here I share with you a few easy style tips for petite women with the help of a few proud petite ladies add a glimpse into their stylish wardrobes.


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    Check out these easy tips for stylish petite women.

  • Always Vertical 2 of 7

    Vertical prints and styles elongates the frame. Try styles like a sheath dress or pencil skirts, like working mom of 10-month-old Diego, Sonia Salazar. 


    Image provided by Julio Salazar, proud dad and husband. 

  • Say No to Minis 3 of 7

    A too-long skirt can drown you out, but one that is too short may make you look even shorter by cutting off the leg at its widest point. Try a skirt or dress that hits slightly above the knee to add length, like blogger Sili Recio from My Mamihood who claims to be "fun sized."

  • Wear Skinny Belts 4 of 7

    Thick belts may be popular, but they cut off a petite frame by adding unwanted bulk. Try a thinner belt that won't overpower, like Sonia does here. 

  • Straight Leg Pants 5 of 7

    Believe it or not, straight leg pants or skinny jeans, like the ones worn by Sili, help make legs appear longer. Try a few pairs in a darker color as well, it adds length as well. 

  • Natural Waist 6 of 7

    Wearing skirts or pants at your natural waist does wonders for your length. It gives the illusion that your legs start much higher up, adding length. The dress Rosa Cordero from Fab Girl Mag chose does just that. The black detailing at the waist not only gives her definition but it also adds height. 

  • Avoid Loud Prints 7 of 7

    Big bold prints tend to drown out a petite frame. Try something with a smaller print like a floral motif or thin vertical stripes like Rosa does with a subtle laser cut dress. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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