Stylish (and Sturdy!) Hiking Gear to Wear in the Great Outdoors

My husband and I frequently lament the fact that we’re not more outdoorsy. We enjoy hiking and camping, but with two little boys who can’t yet pull their own weight the great outdoors loses some of its shine. I’ve hauled our second child up and down enough mountains that my knees start to hurt when I just LOOK at our carrier pack.

Good hiking gear, however, really does make a big difference. Knowing I’ve got a good pair of shoes and a decent sleeping bag waiting for me makes the prospect of keeping my boys out of the campfire for two days a little more palatable.

Also, I know it doesn’t matter how I look while hiking and camping. But…it matters. So here’s 14 stylish (but sturdy!) pieces you can wear while hiking, biking, climbing and whatever else you do to enjoy the great outdoors.

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    Stylish and Sturdy Hiking Gear to wear in the Great Outdoors
  • Lowa Renegade Boots 2 of 15
    Lowa Renegade Boots

    I always wear my running shoes when we go hiking or camping, which I hate because then my next run is always kind of gritty. A decent pair of hiking boots is on my wish list (this pair comes in a ton of great colors!).

    Find them at REI for $220

  • Patagonia Los Lobos Vest 3 of 15
    Patagonia Los Lobos Vest

    My love of vests is well-documented but they're more than just stylish- they're utilitarian! They're perfect for keeping your core warm but your arms free for fishing your kids out of whatever body of water they've fallen into.

    Find it at REI for $99

  • Ashland Sweater 4 of 15
    Ashland Sweater

    I know that turtlenecks have a purpose but...I hate them. They look horrific on me. This cowl-neck sweater is much more my speed, especially since it's a cotton/wool blend meant to keep you warm when you need it and breathe once you get moving and don't need the heat so much. Perfect on its own or as a layer when temps drop.

    Find it at Athleta for $79

  • Isis Bermuda Shorts 5 of 15
    Isis Bermuda Shorts

    Hiking shorts are generally designed to be functional, not stylish. However, I really like these basic bermudas. The triple button fly is super cool and I love the color.

    Find them at Back Country for $38.47 (on sale)

  • Kuhl Norah Sweater 6 of 15
    Kuhl Norah Jacket

    Wear this gorgeous moisture-wicking jacket for 3 days while hiking then give it a quick wash and it will look just as at home running the kindergarten carpool. It's a super-stylish multi-tasker!

    Find it at Kuhl for $179

  • Kuhl Santa Fe Shirt 7 of 15
    Kuhl Santa Fe Shirt

    I'm pretty sure there's an actual written rule somewhere that says plaid is a requirement for the outdoors. Kuhl has you covered.

    Find it at Kuhl for $60

  • Aether Skinny Sweats 8 of 15
    Aether Super Skinny Sweats

    Aether does pared-down outdoor basics really well. These skinny sweats are functional but stylish.

    Find them at Aether for $80

  • Geo Print Backpack 9 of 15
    North Face Geo Print Backpack

    Does it really matter what your backpack looks like? Yes. Yes it does.

    Find it at Back Country for $64.95

  • Gramicci Tara Performance V-Neck 10 of 15
    Tara Performance V Neck

    This only LOOKS like your average v-neck. It's actually made from a pesticide and herbicide free durable hemp and certified organic cotton that is moisture-wicking and odor resistant. Which means you can hike your heart out and finish the day still looking and smelling fresh as a daisy.

    Find it at Gramicci for $34

  • Gramicci Pietra Tank 11 of 15
    Gramicci Pietra Tank

    A great piece for hiking in warmer temps or as a layer! This tank is made of the same stuff as the v-neck, which means it's naturally antimicrobial, and therefore naturally awesome.

    Find it at Gramicci for $38

  • North Face Avery Jacket 12 of 15
    North Face Avery Jacket

    As an Arizonan I have very little need for a warm jacket. This one, however, is absolutely gorgeous. I would wear the heck out of it for the 2 days a year it gets chilly here! And, since it's North Face, you know it's durable enough for the outdoors.

    Find it at North Face for $149

  • North Face Crescent Hoodie 13 of 15
    North Face Crescent Hoodie

    I have been hoodie-less for quite a while now. I'm not sure what happened to mine but I've had to borrow one from my husband every time we've gone camping over the past couple years. This is quite convenient for my filthy children since they love to be INSIDE my clothing with me whenever possible and Aaron's hoodies have plenty of room for them to squeeze in. I'm kind of ready for a hoodie that fits ONLY me though and this one is killer.

    Find it at North Face for $95

  • North Face Cowell Hoodie 14 of 15
    North Face Cowell Hoodie

    I have a thing for asymmetrical zippers. Also, a deep fear of getting lost in the woods while dressed in something that doesn't stand out if you were searching for me by helicopter. This hoodie was made for me.

    Find it at North Face for $85

  • Ultralight Hammock 15 of 15
    Ultralight Hammock

    We bring a hammock with us whenever we go camping and our boys LOVE (and frequently fall out of) it. Our hammock is nowhere near this cool though. Who needs a tent when you've got a hammock with a protective cover?

    Find it at Aether for $229.95

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