Stylish Harry Potter Clothing for Adults

I currently have two books on my desk: an Adobe Illustrator textbook and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. You know, the essentials. The Harry Potter books came out when I was in junior high and high school, though I was a late-comer and didn’t really get on board until my junior year. Regardless of when I finally discovered them, the timing is such that a lot of adults around my age grew up immersed in the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

And, as you may have noticed, we Potterheads are a rather passionate group.

Much of this passion has made its way to Etsy, which is a total treasure trove of Harry Potter jewelry, accessories ,and clothing (I spent an hour just looking at the phone cases. There are some crazy talented people out there). Some stuff is kind of silly, but some of it is really awesome. Here are some of my favorite finds.

  • Wingardium Leviosa! 1 of 16
    Harry Potter Clothing for Adults

    Wear your fandom on your sleeve without losing your cool factor!

  • The Boy Who Lived 2 of 16
    Boy Who Lived Sweater

    Was this not the greatest first chapter title ever?

    Neena Creates, $38

  • Scar Tee 3 of 16
    Raw Edge Tee

    Simple, graphic and perfect for fall!

    TomorrowsUnknown, £26.92

  • Cupboard Under the Stairs 4 of 16
    H Potter Address Tee

    Under the stairs! Poor Harry. Don't worry, things get a lot better for you after this.

    Cakeworthy, $24.99

  • House Scarves 5 of 16
    House Scarves

    If you've ever read the books, then I know you've already mentally sorted yourself into one of the four houses (where my Ravenclaws at?). Pick up one of these beautifully made house scarves and show your loyalty.

    CraftyyAllie, $40

  • Butterbeer Tee 6 of 16
    Butterbeer Tee

    Because I know we all really want to try butterbeer.

    Way Cool TShirts, $20

  • Deathly Hallows Tank 7 of 16
    Deathly Hallows Tank

    Simple and striking.

    Cute Classic, $12.80

  • Not Horcruxes 8 of 16
    Make Love Not Horcruxes Sweatshirt

    Someone should have given this to Voldemort for Christmas at some point. Could have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

    ShirtNic, $27.95

  • Master of Death 9 of 16
    Galaxy Deathly Hallows Tee

    I love the galaxy print on this Deathly Hallows baseball tee.

    CottonClick, $18

  • Mad Eye’s Polyjuice Potion 10 of 16
    Mad Eye Polyjuice Tee

    Moment of silence for Mad Eye. We should wear this awesome tee in his honor.

    Purple Cactus Design, $25.50

  • Undesirable Headline Tank 11 of 16
    Harry Potter Headline Tee

    Such a fun snippet to take from the books!

    The 3gether Shop, $14,99

  • TriWizard Sweatshirt 12 of 16
    Triwizard Cup Sweatshirt

    Had you gone to watch the TriWizard Tournament you probably would have picked this up from a street vendor as a souvenir.

    Way Cool TShirts, $32

  • Expecto Patronum Tank 13 of 16
    Expecto Patronum Tank

    Someone did a fantastic job on this design. That stag is perfect.

    Thinking Gallery, $15

  • Alumni Tee 14 of 16
    Alumni Tee

    We're all Hogwarts alumni at heart, right?

    Catarocx, $18

  • Alumni Tee 2 15 of 16
    Hogwarts Alum Tee

    Harvard? Nope, Hogwarts!

    Parenholly, $14.99

  • Book List Sweatshirt 16 of 16
    Books Sweatshirt

    I AM in need of a new sweatshirt...

    Parenholly, $36.99

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