4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Maternity Wardrobe

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summer maternity styling tips
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza | Babble

I have always taken pride in having a personal style that’s on-trend, without being entirely ruled by what’s popping up in my Instagram feed. When I rock a look that I love, my confidence translates to every aspect of my life. But adding pregnancy to the mix can throw anyone a little off-kilter — literally and figuratively!

There were times during my pregnancies when how I looked got pushed to the back-burner. I was either in sweatpants with Cheerios all over them or so uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to change! It took trying on a bunch of options, and embracing fabrics and cuts that I didn’t usually wear, to truly feel me in this ever-changing body.

So I jumped at the chance to hop on the phone with style expert Rosie Pope, the host of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels and designer of a new maternity line at Kohl’s, Pip & Vine by Rosie Pope. I wanted to get her take on maternity fashion — how to look and feel good, while maintaining a sense of identity with a changing bump.

She shared some easy ways to rock that summer wardrobe that I immediately put to good use, styling some super cute outfits for my friend who is expecting.

From comfy styles that will work post-pregnancy to flattering fits that transition from day to night, here are her best tips for getting the most out of your maternity wear:

Rosie Pope Tip: Accessories Can Make All the Difference

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

Maybe you don’t want to try all the latest fashion trends when you’re rocking a baby bump (high-waisted jeans would have to wait until I had a waist again!), but with the right flair, you can still turn a basic look into something that stands out.

“Because your pregnancy wardrobe is more limited, you can rely on accessories to change up your look,” says Pope. This T-shirt dress is a great example of a solid basic that can play double duty. Pair it with Converse sneakers and a cute baseball hat for running errands.

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

Or, transition the dress for a night on the town by swapping the sneakers for a chunky heeled bootie, and trading the hat for sunglasses and jewelry. Grab lunch with the girls, hit up a baby shower, or wear this comfy but chic ensemble to work.
Pip & Vine Dolman T-Shirt Dress is available now, $49.99

Rosie Pope Tip: A Wrap Dress Will Take You Anywhere

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

Pope and I both migrated towards wrap dresses during our pregnancies because they fit an expanding shape but still look dressy. There might be a style you never tried pre-pregnancy; but as your body changes, the pieces you like and feel comfortable in might change too. Instead of focusing on the items you can’t wear anymore, embrace those that do — keep it simple and flattering.

Wrap dresses are the best for your bump because they tie under the bust, which is now the slimmest part of your body. That definition and draping make them super flattering to the bump, which Pope recommends. “Highlight the parts that have grown and changed, instead of hiding them. When your belly is defined, the rest of your body doesn’t look as big,” she says.

The fabric tends to be really soft and silky, so you can be comfortable wearing it around the house. I would sometimes fall asleep in my wrap dress, because it was just so comfortable!

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

Best of all, if you throw on some sandals and a hat, you’re pulled together enough for lunch with friends. A hat shields your skin from the summer sun, while keeping you a little warmer when you go inside and the AC is blasting — always a treat when you’re already dealing with dramatic pregnancy body temperature shifts!
Pip & Vine Wrap Dress is available now, $49.99

Rosie Pope Tip: Pick Pieces That Work Post-Pregnancy

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

It’s frustrating to buy a whole maternity wardrobe, only to have it sit in your closet after the baby arrives. Invest in some shirtdresses with buttons down the front, which make them really nursing friendly. You can get a lot of wear out of these during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, just belt them! Believe me, you’ll appreciate not having to run out to buy more clothes for the nursing phase.

Shirtdresses are one style I really loved before I got pregnant, that I appreciated being able to wear with my new shape. It gave me a sense of self. And as Pope points out, “Love the pieces that you get, because you’re going to be wearing them more often.”

So true! With this versatile style, I could wear it dropping off the kids at school — paired with metallic sandals — or even attending a party with a quick dress shoe change.
Pip & Vine Side-Stripe Shirtdress is available now, $49.99

Rosie Pope Tip: A Little Black Dress (and Other Dark Colors) are Easy to Dress Up or Down

rosie pope summer maternity wardrobe
Image source: Ann-Marie Espinoza

A little black dress will transition to any occasion. I like to dress mine up for a date night with fun open toe booties and statement earrings. Because of the dark hue, you could wear this to a wedding with even more bling, or take it all away and wear it to the beach with flip flops and a wide brim hat.

But be sure to pick the right silhouette! Pope felt most comfortable when she stopped trying to cover up, but instead “let go, and really tried to embrace the curves.”

This form-fitting dress does the trick and is a Pope-approved maternity staple, which makes sense since her favorite mantra is, “When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do everything better.” I couldn’t agree more!
Pip & Vine Wrap Dress is available now, $49.99

Whatever your style choices, the most important thing is that you feel happy — and still feel like yourself. Don’t shy away from a style you love, even if you wouldn’t normally pick it pre-pregnancy. Pope explains, “I was drawn to white! I’m not sure if it’s maternal or feminine. Maybe it’s emotional, but it feels special.”

This is a special time. Even though it can feel never-ending in the moment, it’s really such a short phase in your life; and believe it or not, you’ll miss it once it’s over.

These maternity pieces from Pip & Vine by Rosie Pope at Kohl’s are sure to take you through your pregnancy and beyond.

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