Take Another Look | 12 Things to Pick Up From dELiA’s

Did you shop from the dELiA’s catalog as a teenager? I totally wanted to.

I knew a girl growing up who had a TON of clothes. Her family was fairly well off and she had an entire shelf in her spacious closet devoted to items that still had tags on them. When we were sophomores she decided to see if she could go a whole school year without repeating outfits. She did it. Easily.

High-school-me was pea-green with envy over her closet. Adult-me is still kind of jealous.

Each month this girl would get the dELiA’s catalog in the mail, circle the things she wanted, and place an order. This, to me, was the very height of sophistication. I got mail once a year (birthday cards) so the thought of receiving a catalog each month was so very adult.

I did a little Googling the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see that dELiA’s is still around! Their clothing is definitely geared toward teenagers buuut if you’re 28 and still wake up in the morning feeling 15 most days, there is some good stuff to be had.

Plus, when you place an order, they start sending you a catalog.

  • Take Another Look at Delia’s 1 of 13
    Take Another Look | 12 Things to Pick Up From Delia's

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  • Sequin Heart Tee 2 of 13
    Sparkle Heart Short-Sleeve

    As a girl I am genetically pre-programmed to love anything sparkly. This tee would be so darling with a simple pair of white pants and a chunky watch (hold the double arm-party if you're over the age of 17).

    Find it at Delia's for $19.90 (on sale!)

  • Denim Vest 3 of 13
    Delia's Denim Vest

    I am a collector of vests. They are such a quick and easy way to add a little extra something to an outfit. A frayed denim vest like this one keeps a sweet dress from looking too twee or it can bring a little edge to leggings and a tee.

    Available at Delia's for $29.50

  • Beaded Sandals 4 of 13
    Delia's Beaded Sandals

    I love how beaded sandals feel so substantial. The colors on this pair are awesomely on-trend and a zip-back makes them quick and easy to slip on.

    Find it at Delia's for $39.50 OR $12.50 each when you buy 2

  • Galactic Aztec Tank 5 of 13
    Delia's Aztec Tank

    Aztec AND galaxy print. Double trend win! Also: super cute over a swimsuit, right?

    Find it at Delia's for $19.90

  • Hogwarts Tee 6 of 13
    Hogwarts Tee

    Hello, my name is Kayla. I am 28-years-old, I re-read the entire Harry Potter series every summer, and I would probably wear this shirt once a week.

    Find it at Delia's for $24.50

  • Tie Dye Dress 7 of 13
    Tie Dye Dress

    I am currently on the Great Swimsuit Coverup Hunt of 2013. I require that it be both easy to pull on over my suit AND pretty. This tie-dye dress is both!

    Find it at Delia's for $49.90

  • B&W Leggings 8 of 13
    Black and White Leggings

    I've done the world's fastest 180 on leggings. I used to think were kind of lame buuut then stores started coming out with all these awesome colors and prints and how could I resist? I love the brush stroke pattern on this pair!

    Find them at Delia's for $16.90

  • Tuxedo Pants 9 of 13
    Delia's Tuxedo Pants

    Tuxedo pants! Dress them up with a blouse and heels or down with a tee and sneaks. A good pair of tuxedo pants is menswear at its best.

    Find them at Delia's for $29.50

  • Anchor Print Tankini 10 of 13
    Delia's Anchor Print Tankini

    No matter what your age, an anchor print swimsuit in classic navy is always stylish.

    Find it at Delia's for $22.50 (on sale!)

  • Converse + Ballerina 11 of 13
    Converse Dainty Ballerina

    Converse. Ballerinas. Where have these been all my life??

    Find them at Delia's for $49.50

  • BFF Cases 12 of 13
    BFF 2pk iPhone Case

    Ok, I really am too old for this (I can only imagine my husband's monumental eye roll when I suggest we get matchy BFF iPhone cases) BUT I have fond memories of picking out new Best Friends necklaces with my bestie every year and this just made me happy. Our babysitter's birthday is this month and I know she and her sweet best friend would love these!

    Find these cases at Delia's for $14.90

  • Wayfarers 13 of 13
    Basic Wayfarer

    I am REALLY hard on my sunglasses during the summer. Between sun and chlorine they tend to take a pretty serious beating so I try to leave my nice ones at home and bring a cheap pair to the pool. This $4 pair (yes! really!) is perfect for splashing around with my kids while still pretending to be an icognito movie star.

    Find them at Delia's for $3.99


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