10 Ways to Shop Your Own Closet

When dealing with private clients, I always say the same thing. “Let’s look at your closet before we shop.” You’d be surprised how many clients do not in fact have to buy many if any pieces to add to their wardrobe. The best part is revamping a wardrobe for the season with little to no budget. I do it as well. Before the start of any season, I evaluate the trends, what I want to wear and then what I have. Since becoming a mom, my budget seems to get smaller and smaller every time and I find myself shopping my own closet more and more. Here are my tips on ten ways to shop your own closet.

  • Shop Your Closet 1 of 11
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    Easiest way to say in budget, shop your own closet first!

  • Organize 2 of 11

    It is hard to shop in a store where you cannot find anything. Same goes for your closet. Clean up; organize to where you can actually see what is in your closet.

  • Get Inspired 3 of 11

    I love to window shop but tire easily and by the time I get home, I've forgotten what I saw. Therefore, I rely heavily on Pinterest. Create a board of outfits and pieces you like, who knows you might have similar pieces in your closet.

  • Take Inventory 4 of 11

    How do you know exactly what you have if you do not check? Even I have been guilty of not remembering about that vintage designer top I bought years ago on consignment and no, I have never worn it. Take inventory of what you have so you know what you can wear. If it is easier to take photos and put in an album, have at it.

  • A Second Opinion 5 of 11

    Sometimes we are our own worst critics and even though we think that skirt looks good on us, we always need that extra boost from a friend.  Bring one to your closet like you would the mall or enlist one via text. Just make sure they don't try and talk you into sending them your best pieces!

  • Hire a Tailor 6 of 11

    This is one of the most important. Changing hems on a skirt, making a blazer fit better or turning flare jeans into a classic straight cut, a good tailor will turn your existing closet into a new one for a lot less then actually buying a new one.

  • Discover New Combinations 7 of 11

    Break up a suit to wear as separates, wear that leopard cardigan with that bold red dress instead of just the jeans you always do. Consider the outfits you always gravitate towards and break away.

  • Layer 8 of 11

    This one allows you to wear one piece multiple ways and look different every time.  For example, your favorite dress, under a button up looks like a great skirt or layered under a pencil skirt, looks like a fun top.  Give your pieces new life by layering.

  • Accessorize 9 of 11

    This may be the easiest way to spruce up your wardrobe. Adding a belt, a scarf or even a simple pair of hooped earring brings your outfit to a new level.

  • Repurpose 10 of 11

    An old tee shirt you no longer wear but cannot bring yourself to through out? Add scissors and voila, an infinity scarf. Or how about a flare skirt you aren't sure about? Take it to your tailor, maybe it would work better as a cape? Think outside the box.

  • Make a List 11 of 11

    You have taken inventory of what you have, what about what you don't? I know. We are suppose to be shopping our closet, but sometimes even our favorite stores don't have what we are looking for. Make a list of things your closet may need to bring it to the next level. Maybe all you need is a new cardigan and a belt, that could mean 10 new possibilities so make the list and shop elsewhere. Shopping with a plan helps save time and money.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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