The 6 Trendiest Bathing Suits Youll See This Year

While triangle-top string bikinis and full-coverage tankinis will always be classic swimsuit choices, you might see a fresh crop of bathing suits at the beach this year.

And you just might feel good wearing them.

Unlike the typical itty-bitty bathing suits that induce panic attacks in dressing rooms all across the country, this year’s trendiest suits are more reserved. Flattering. Forgiving. And they just as easily come in one-pieces or two, depending on your preference.

So if you want to add a little quirkiness or just something more fashionable to your bathing suit collection, check out these six trendy bathing suits that everyone’s wearing this summer:

  • Swimsuit Trends for 2013 1 of 25

    2013 is seeing some pretty consistent trends: retro (both one-piece and bikini), quirky, and functional.


    Check out the 6 types of bathing suits you're most likely to see this summer...

  • Trend #1 2 of 25

    Unlike skimpy bathing suit styles, most women (of various body sizes) can get behind the balconette top. That's because it supports large chests — no small feat, considering most bathing suit tops are supported by string — as well as pushes up and accentuates smaller chests. 


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  • Seasons of the Sun Swimsuit Top 3 of 25

    A retro-styled bustier top is both sexy and sophisticated.

    Buy from ModCloth, $49.99


  • Kicking It on the Coast Reversible Swimsuit Top in Balconette 4 of 25

    Also featuring two more trends: high-waist bottoms and mismatched bikinis.

    Buy from ModCloth, $100.99


  • Plus Size Seaside Gardens Watercolor Floral Balconette Bikini Top 5 of 25

    Support, coverage, and style? How gorgeous is this plus-size bathing suit?

    Buy from Lands' End, $44.99


  • Trend #2 6 of 25

    One-piece swimsuits have never looked so stylish. It used to be that women who preferred one-piece suits had a slim picking of frumpy, "mom-ish" designs, but with these retro bathing suits? Now you're just rocking a STYLE. 


    Who says you have to bare your belly? These retro-style one pieces will certainly boost your confidence out by the pool. (And because the pin-up girl style is classically curvy, it's an especially flattering look for plus-size ladies.)


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  • ModCloth Retro Bathing Suits 7 of 25

    ModCloth is the ultimate resource for stylish retro one-piece bathing suits for all sizes.

    Shop ModCloth, $89.99 each

  • Beauty on the Shore One Piece 8 of 25

    Designed by Lolli Seim, this peplum-style suit with a heart-sprinkled print is about as feminine as you can get. (Peplum is another big trend, under the "retro" category.)

    Buy from ModCloth, $149.99


  • Tutti Frutti Skirted One Piece Swim Dress 9 of 25

    Retro-style suits are also perfect for women who prefer a little bathing suit skirt without it looking too matronly.

    Buy from Nordstrom, $128


  • High-Waist Bikinis 10 of 25

    This is the perfect style for someone who wants to hide some stomach imperfections (say, saggy skin and stretch marks), while also flaunting her legs. Say hello to the new wave of "mom suits."


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  • Bathing Beauty Two Piece in Magenta 11 of 25

    ModCloth calls this "the holy grail of swimwear."

    Buy from ModCloth, $89.99


  • UO Flower Power Bikini 12 of 25

    Urban Outfitters has a wide variety of retro-styled high waist bikinis — like this pretty floral print.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $42


  • Polka-Dot Retro Brief 13 of 25

    Even J.Crew is doing the high-waisted trend. It's everywhere.

    Buy from J.Crew, $50


  • Trend #4 14 of 25

    Now here's a fun trend! Fringe will add some volume on top (for the ladies who need it), or just a little "life of the party" flair.


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  • Bandeau Bikini Top 15 of 25

    With dip-dyed fringe for an ombre look.

    Buy from H&M, $14.95


  • Geo Fringe Bikini 16 of 25

    Fringe on the bottom, too.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $36/$34


  • ASOS Curve Exclusive Swimsuit with Fringing 17 of 25

    It works for plus size swimsuits too.

    Buy from ASOS, $47.52


  • Trend #5 18 of 25

     Forget those itty-bitty bikinis and opt for a sportier, more athletic look (even if you're just splashing around with the kids). You'll see a lot more bathing suits inspired by surfers — with high necks, zippers, and sporty fabrics.


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  • Scuba Crop Top 19 of 25

    Color-block fashion meets sporty style. 

    Buy from Forever 21, $16.80

  • Billabong Sneeky Vest 20 of 25

    Scuba-ready wetsuit vest made from soft rubber and padded neoprene.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters, $59


  • Zimmermann Brightside Rashie 21 of 25

    The most stylish surfer ever.

    Buy from Madewell, $145.50


  • Trend #6 22 of 25

    I love these bathing suits — maybe because they remind me of my childhood Little Mermaid bathing suit? Or maybe because they're really, really pretty? 


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  • Off to the Ocean One Piece in Lightning 23 of 25

    Digital print bathing suits range from pretty scenery to cute animals — but I especially dig this funky lightning print.

    Buy from ModCloth, $54.99


  • Aloha Sunset Monokini 24 of 25

    And this gorgeous graphic-print suit is so affordable! Forever 21 has stepped up its bathing suit game this year.

    Buy from Forever 21, $24.80


  • We Are Handsome Mustang Scoop One Piece Swimsuit 25 of 25

    And if you want to splurge: HORSES!

    Buy from ASOS, $363.16


Which style are you digging this year?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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