The Best Glasses to Flatter Your Face Shape

As someone who recently went through a bit of a four-eyed catastrophe (broken glasses and an empty stash of contacts), I’ve spent a lot of time trying on new frames through online try-on programs.

I would see a frame on the screen or on another person and think: I like that style. That’s totally me. Yet I’d try them on my narrow face and realize this is all wrong. WHY is this all wrong?

It’s interesting how the shape of your glasses can drastically change your appearance — and how much of this is based on the shape of your face. While it isn’t an exact science, understanding your face shape — your positive attributes and weaker features — is similar to knowing if your skin undertone is cool or warm, and whether your body shape is pear or apple.

And it just might help you find the perfect pair of specs.

Rivet & Sway does an awesome job at breaking down face types and making suggestions as to which frames might be the best picks.

Take a look…

  • Find the Perfect Glasses for your Face Shape 1 of 22

    Not all faces will fit neatly into one of these categories, but it'll give you a better idea of which frames look better with your facial features — whether your face is angular, wide, and/or long.

  • OVAL 2 of 22

    A curvy face shape that doesn't require much flattering. Almost anything looks good on an oval shape, but here are some basic tips from Rivet & Sway...

    Graphic: Rivet & Sway

  • Oval : Ruby Red 3 of 22

    A rectangular or square frame will add angles to an oval-shaped face.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Oval: Faster Pussycat 4 of 22

    As will a butterfly-shaped frame.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Oval: Umami 5 of 22

    Oval-shaped faces look best when the glasses are only as wide as the face's widest point. Don't go too big!

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Oval: Six Shooter 6 of 22

    If you have an oval-shaped face, consider yourself lucky. It's one of the easiest shapes to flatter — so don't be afraid to play around with some punchy color.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • HEART 7 of 22

    An angular face shape, with notable celebrity face twins: Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and Halle Berry.

    Graphic: Rivet & Sway

  • HEART: Poetic License 8 of 22

    Round frames are especially flattering for the more angular heart shape. They soften up your features.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • HEART: Spitfire 9 of 22

    Surprisingly, cat-eye and butterfly frames also give a softer appearance for the heart-shaped lady.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • HEART: Petit Allegro 10 of 22

    You're ultimately looking for frames that add width below the eyeline in order to balance your narrow chin. So stay away from top-heavy styles.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • HEART: Hungry Heart 11 of 22

    Also try out lighter colored frames or rimless styles.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • RECTANGLE 12 of 22

    Another angular face shape. (Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock are two gorgeous rectangular-shaped faces.)

    Graphic: Rivet & Sway

  • Rectangle: Spitfire in Galapagos Green 13 of 22

    You're looking to soften your face's natural angles, so opt for a round, oval, or cat-eye style to create some curves.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Rectangle: Besame Mucho 14 of 22

    Another tip: Pick frames that are more horizontal than vertical.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Rectangle: Sweet Spot 15 of 22

    Avoid frames that are too flat on the bottom. You want curves, baby.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Rectangle: Character Study 16 of 22

    And remember: Narrower glasses will elongate your face and tone down the squareness.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • CIRCLE 17 of 22

    No angles here! This face shape has a beautiful soft curve.

    Graphic: Rivet & Sway

  • Circle: Little Voice 18 of 22

    Women with circle-shaped faces might be happiest with a narrow rectangular frame because it'll make your face look longer and thinner.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Circle: Tusk 19 of 22

    Draw attention to your eyes with upswept cat-eye styles.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Circle: Je Ne Sais Quoi 20 of 22

    Sharp angles will also highlight the eyes. (A bright color doesn't hurt, either.)

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • Circle: Mantra 21 of 22

    Just avoid round frames, as it'll only exaggerate the round shape.

    Buy from Rivet & Sway, $199

  • But Wait! There’s More! 22 of 22

    Shop Rivet & Sway for more stylish glasses!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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