The New Mom’s Must-Have Wardrobe List: 15 Pieces That All Work Together

My style has changed a lot in the past four years since I had my daughter, very quickly and drastically. I no longer found myself wearing chunky bracelets or sequins because they would scratch the baby’s skin. In the winter, anything wool was forbidden because it would be way too itchy. As I was nursing, turtlenecks also took a back seat. When it came to my wardrobe, I felt lost at times. Sure.

And I’m about to go through all of it again. In just a few short weeks, I will have a new baby and the cycle will start over.

Except this time I am ready. No more slumming it in PJs because I won’t be leaving the house that day. Surely there will be no more shameless peeking into my closet at a complete loss.

Here are 15 pieces that will work with any wardrobe. They’re easy, intermixable, stylish, and, most importantly, practical for new moms. (Or, in my case, new again!)

  • An Oversized Scarf Will Double As A Nursing Cover 1 of 15

    We are heading into spring, but this popular trend will also keep you warm on those extra chilly mornings and evenings. Bonus, you can skip a nursing cover up as this would work just fine. You and your baby will be breastfeeding in style.

    Available at Anthropologie, $68

  • "Mom Jeans" Is Not A Taboo Term 2 of 15

    Yeah, I said it. But I am not talking the tapered, high waisted nonsense of yesteryears. The mom jeans that I am talking about are about one size too big, worn in, cuffed and look a lot like boyfriend jeans, only they'll still embrace your curves. These are the type of jeans that you toss on the floor and then reach for again in the morning. 

    Available at Levi's, $49

  • Open Front Sweaters Transition With Your Body 3 of 15

    Comfort is king and layering is his bride. This cozy piece (a staple in anyone's closet) is not only stylish, but can also hide the post baby bump as well as a nursing baby. And it will also fit into your wardrobe after you've lost the baby weight.

    Available at Target, $30

  • Leggings (Avoid Wearing As Pants) 4 of 15

    These are NOT to be used as pants. You can wear them gracefully under tunics and longer layered shirts. Again, in the days and weeks after childbirth, all you'll want is comfort. Avoid the funky, printed, shiny kind and stick to a neutral. breathable cotton. You'll get more use out of them.

    Available at Charlotte Russe, $10.90

  • Reach For A Cute Tee Instead Of A Pajama Top 5 of 15

    I live in tee shirts, whether I am wearing them with jeans or a skirt for work. I have a nice, but small, collection of tee-shirts that feel like PJs. You'll want that feeling of ease too. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, $24.50

  • Try A Leather Bag, Instead Of A Diaper Bag 6 of 15
    leather bag

    I used a diaper bag with my daughter Analiese, but after two months of lugging that giant thing around I asked my husband for a nice, larger bag that I would be proud to carry. I used a black and grey Coach bag that fit everything, then used make up bags to separate everything inside. It was lighter and easier on the eyes.

    Bag available at Etsy, $98

  • Add Some Color To Your Neutrals 7 of 15
    nursing tank

    I've recently discovered nursing tanks, I did not have any the first time around. I stuck to sports bras and tanks with built-ins, which actually work if you'd like some alternatives. For this baby, I've found a beautifully colored crossover nursing tank and I've decided that it will be worn... daily.

    Available at Target, $20

  • Drawstring Trousers As An Alternative To Sweats 8 of 15
    pant on

    I've already admitted to loving sweats, though I prefer to wear them with heels. So a soft pair of drawstring trousers should come as no surprise. In fact, these are so stylish on their own that no heels are required. Thank goodness, because who wants to wear heels after they just had a baby?! 

    Available at Old Navy, $30

  • An Everyday Dress For A Pick-Me-Up 9 of 15
    dress ON

    This is kind of like the mom jean situation. It is the dress you take off and pick right back up in the morning. It is light, airy, should be made of soft cotton, and it looks great worn multiple ways under a jacket, with a scarf, or paired with cute flats or sneakers. Use it on those days when you need a self-confidence booster!

    Available at Old Navy, $30

  • A Variety Of Button Ups For Breastfeeding 10 of 15

    I usually would skip woven pieces and go for cotton button ups since they are airy and easy to wear for those moms that are nursing. If you go one size up, there also very stylishly forgiving of the post baby bump. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, Prices Vary

  • No Necklaces, But Stud Earrings Add Extra Sparkle 11 of 15

    Babies grab onto shiny things. Let's skip the horror stories that come from moms who accidentally wore their hoop earrings. A nice pair of simple studs will make you feel polished, but not over done. And baby's small hands won't be able to reach!

    Available at Nordstrom, $75

  • Add Cute Hair Ties To Ease Your Busy Schedule 12 of 15

    It gets warm running around with a child and styling your hair also takes up a lot of time. The days of running into the salon for a quick blow out have probably been put on hold for a bit. Master the art of a chic low bun, a French braid, or a high pony with fun hair ties. It is a look that is, in fact, effortless. 

    Available at Ban.Do, $20

  • A Leather Watch So You Can Keep Track Of Feedings 13 of 15

    A metal watch is great, but it may scratch the baby. (I know that I worry a little too much, but it's true!) I've gone for simple and dainty leather strapped watches because no one likes hunting around for their phone every few minutes to check on the baby's nap time. 

    Available at Fossil, $105

  • Bold Flats While The Heels Are On Hiatus 14 of 15

    I love heels. I do. But I began my love affair with flats after my daughter was born. Not just basic flats, but ALL types printed flats, pointy flats, colored flats. They are easy to slip on and off at the door and they're great for long walks so your baby can nap in the stroller. 

    Available at J.Crew Factory, $68

  • Tunics For Post-Pregnancy Belly Coverage 15 of 15

    A long shirt or tunic will be your go-to. It is comfortable, stylish, and forgiving. Not all of us bounce back so quickly and those who do, well they don't mind the comfortable feeling of a loose fit tunic anyway. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $64


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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