The Only 5 Fall Coats You Need in Your Wardrobe

Those 70-degree mornings might be behind us, folks. It’s time to pluck our favorite jackets out of hibernation and assess what to keep and what to toss. Or maybe you need to pick up a new fall-to-winter jacket.

Either way, here are the 5 types of coats you need in your closet — some of which can fit into more than one category (and that’s how you know it’s a winner!).

  • Fall Basics: COATS 1 of 25

    If you have one coat that fits into each category, you're probably good for the season...

  • The Trench Coat 2 of 25

    A trench coat is a classic staple in a woman's wardrobe — as a transitional coat, a stylish statement, and even a practical raincoat. And you can find them at virtually any price point, from Target to DVF.

  • Double Breasted Trench 3 of 25

    I'm especially partial to this mid-range ASOS trench in a classic khaki color.

    ASOS, $143.45


  • H&M Trenchcoat 4 of 25

    A black trench stands apart from the rest, and it always looks sophisticated. 

    H&M, $49.95


  • Collection Icon Trench 5 of 25

    If you're willing to splurge, this J.Crew trench coat is utterly classic.

    J.Crew, $298


  • The Lightweight Cropped Jacket 6 of 25

    Besides a trench, you might want to have a goes-with-anything transitional jacket to accentuate your style — whether you're sporty, edgy, or boho casual. 

  • Varsity Jacket 7 of 25

    Varsity jackets are popping up in plenty of stores, and they practically personify crunching leaves and crisp fall air. Here's an affordable plus-size version that's as stylish as it is useful.

    ASOS, $33.74

  • Military Style Casual 8 of 25

    You can't go wrong with a military-style khaki jacket to transition from fall to winter, and then winter to spring. 

    Madewell, $148

  • Faux Bomber Jacket 9 of 25

    A faux-leather (or real leather!) bomber style jacket will pair with practically anything — jeans, boots, skirts, sequins, etc. 

    Old Navy, $49.94

  • Denim Jacket 10 of 25

    But if you can only have one lightweight transitional jacket, it might as well be the classic denim jacket. 

    H&M, $29.95


  • Quilted Jacket 11 of 25

    This cute cropped jacket manages to be both sophisticated and casual. 

    J.Crew, $198


  • Wool-Blend Classics 12 of 25

    The chilly weather will be here before most of us are ready (summer! don't leave me!), but a classic wool-blend coat will help us through. 

  • H&M Peacoat 13 of 25

    And as long as we're talking about classics, you can never go wrong with a peacoat.

    H&M Coat, $69.95

  • Double Breasted Peacoat 14 of 25

    Here's another wool-blend peacoat option, which instantly polishes up an outfit — even ripped jeans.

    ASOS, $92.82


  • Duffel Jacket 15 of 25

    If you want something different than a peacoat, a duffle-style jacket is another classic (and warm!) choice. Especially if it has a hood, like this affordable H&M coat.

    H&M, $59.95


  • The Dressy Coat 16 of 25

    Every woman needs one dressy coat to wear on special occasions or to special events. 


  • Camel Coat 17 of 25

    Other than black, a chic camel coat is always a smart purchase. 

    Zara, $189 

  • A Cape 18 of 25

    If you love the look of a cape, file it under "dressy" and pull it out for special occasions. 

    H&M, $99

  • Ink Out Loud Coat 19 of 25

    This pretty A-line coat can be dressed up or down — making it the perfect wool-blend coat for the chillier months. 

    ModCloth, $74.99


  • Winterberry Tart Coat 20 of 25

    Sick of the neutral colors? Here's a pretty dressy coat in a wintery red.

    ModCloth, $149.99


  • The Statement 21 of 25

    And then every woman needs one stand-out coat to spice up an outfit and accumulate compliments. 

  • Kate Spade Etta Wool Coat 22 of 25

    I'm obsessed with this coat, but it's certainly a splurge.

    Nordstrom, $698

  • Aloe There Coat 23 of 25

    A coat like this one — in a pretty muted green — is versatile enough to match any outfit, whether it's jeans or a dress.

    ModCloth, $97.99

  • Zara Coat 24 of 25

    This one will keep the summertime spice going through the dreary winter. It's like a bright streak of happiness.

    Zara, $159


  • Madewell Mod Coat 25 of 25

    Or choose something unique and interesting to make a statement — like this chic and sleek striped coat with leather sleeves!

    Madewell, $298

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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