‘Tis the Season for a Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up!

Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

The statement sweater has been the star of the season, from animal inspired to the fair isle trend, to sequins and bold graphics, sweaters are rocking it hard. Well the breeze is a’blowin, in some places the snow is falling and it’s getting chillier by the day. Indeed sweater weather is here! I am a sweater lover in general, the coziness and the warmth is comforting. Oh but I really love me a bold, bright, loud, busy, crazy patterned sweater. As a matter of fact, that description would perfectly describe the sweater I am wearing right this moment as I type this very sentence.

In day’s of yore however, Holiday Sweaters kind of got a bad rap for being… cheesy and well, ugly. Used to be that you could walk into any old thrift store and find a stack of terrible Christmas sweaters with the embroidered snowmen or reindeer complete with jingle bells and bows and shoulder pads of course, but then the hipsters of the universe started the Ugly Sweater Party trend and before you knew it not a ugly sweater could be found at your local Goodwill. We’ve all gone to one of these parties (super fun), but then we remember how the Ugly Sweater business turned into a serious racket. Charging good folks no less than $50 for a good bad sweater?!  I know. I kind of sound like the grinch of the ugly sweater empire.

The sweaters in this round up however, are not the kind that will get you into a crazy sweater party. Unless of course it’s a Crazy Cute sweater party, in which case you would be the cutest.

Here are some cozy and bold sweater options that will keep you warm and fashionable throughout the Holiday season.

  • Peace On Earth 1 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    Any one who knows me, knows I'm a peace sign junkie. The timeless symbol stands for something that we all could use more of, especially this time of year. Truth be told, I found this gem at Old Navy in the kids section. I picked up a L or XL, which compares to an adult small and it was just about right. It also comes in another tan and red color combo with a heart. I loved how the grays and winter blues and greens paired with my pretty red maxi skirt. This ensemble makes me happy.

    Purchase from Old Navy for $22

  • Polar Express 2 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    The polar bears on this American Eagle sweater could veer a bit cutesy, and they are darling, however the neutral pallet and pattern keeps it classy and  sophisticated. Pair is with your winter whites! Bonus, it's on sale. 

    Purchase at American Eagle Outfitters for $37.46

  • Lady in Red 3 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    It is the holidays, so no sweater round up would be complete without a punch of red! I love this bright red look with the snowflake print wrapping around the bodice. I also love H&M because well, it's only $19.95 and I noticed online they are giving an extra 30% off all ladies items with the code 1110, which makes it $13.97?!! But it ends Thursday 11/21,  so seriously I'm probably going to order one right now.

    Purchase at H&M for $19.95

  • Snowflake 4 of 19
    Crazy Sweater Seasonal RoundUp

    Also from H&M and, same deal here, they are practically giving it away. How classy and pretty is this angora and yarn wintery sweater with the the embroidered applique snowflake? It's perfect for a little bit of sparkle. Probably gonna pick this one up too.

    Purchase at H&M for $19.95

  • Hot Pink 5 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    Believe me when I say that this picture does not do the sweater justice. I saw it in the store tonight and fell in love with it. It is the perfect shade of hot pink, and it's right on trend for this season. Sounds crazy, but it would be amazing paired with a pair of deep red or maroon chords. It also comes in gray if you're not a pink lady.

    Purchase at Forever 21 for $24.80

  • Mad For Plaid 6 of 19
    Crazy Cute seasonal sweater round up

    This tartan red shaggy cardigan is seasonal and on trend with the plaid. Great for layering!

    Purchase at Forever 21 for $28.90

  • Dolly Llama 7 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    Nope those are not reindeer, they're llamas! And nothing screams, "The holidays are here!" like a bejeweled llama sweater. Okay, not really, but it's too cute to exclude.

    Purchase from J.Crew for $98

  • Jewel to the Wool 8 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    It's J.Crew, so of course it's special. They say it's all in the details and this fair isle sweater takes it up a notch and adds carefully placed jewels for a little bit of sparkle and shine. I couldn't love it more.

    Purchase at J.Crew for $138

  • Merrykech Express 9 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    This J.Crew sweater is amazing and was inspired by a marrakech scarf. The colors and intricate pattern are so beautiful, and the color pallet makes it a stunning holiday option. I want that!

    Purchase at J.Crew for $118

  • Evergreen 10 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    This comes in four different color combos and it was hard for me to decide which one to include, stressful actually. But this is the epitome of the crazy Christmas sweater done right, with its busy pattern, print, and loads of color. I think it's fun, festive, and I would wear it any day of the holiday season.

    Purchase at H&M for $34.95

  • Red and Green 11 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    Ok, here is the red one too. So cute right?

    Purchase at H&M for $34.95

  • Mod Fair Isle 12 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    I love this tiffany blue sweater with the high contrast black and white fair isle pattern. It just pops. Such a bright, happy modern look. 

    Purchase at Urban Outfitters for $69

  • Christmasaurus Rex 13 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    If you're into dinosaurs, then you need to be in this sweater. Not for me, but hey, it's fun.

    Purchase at Target for $22.99

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy 14 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    For a southwestern Christmas, this sweater would be super snuggly and stylish. I love the soft fuzziness, and it's not scratchy. Could be worn well beyond the holiday season too.

    Purchase at Urban Outfitters for $69

  • Sweetest Sweater 15 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    Holiday's are all about the sweets, cookies, candies, cakes and cupcakes! This sweater makes me hungry, in addition to being too cute.

    Purchase at Target for $22.99

  • Blue Christmas 16 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    The colors in this blue wintery fair isle sweater are cool and bright, and I just adore them. Target knows what's up this winter.

    Purchase at Target for $24.99

  • Buffalo Plaid 17 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    Every one's gone mad for buffalo plaid. This might be my favorite sweater in the whole darn round up. I love the slouchy comfy size and yes, those elbow patches certainly help. So cute that it's crazy.

    Purchase at Urban Outfitters for $79

  • Oh Deer 18 of 19
    Crazy Cute Seasonal Sweater Round Up

    We have to have a few deer in this round up to make it legit. I adore this Free People cardigan with deers prancing across it. Also the color combo is bold and pretty without being to on-the-nose Christmas. 

    Purchase at Nordstrom for $198

  • Reindeer Games 19 of 19
    Crazy Cute Sweater Round Up

    One last reindeer sweater for good measure. This is ideal for going out and picking the perfect tree, or running around town doing your last minute shopping. Cozy, cute and festive, it will help keep you in the holiday spirit!

    Purchase at ASOS for $62.29

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