A Toddler’s Style Guide for Every Summer Activity

Image Source: Lily Glass | Babble
Image Source: Lily Glass | Babble
I soaked up the first 1.5 years of having total control of my child’s wardrobe (typically choosing anything that accentuated her delicious chubby thighs), but once my little girl began expressing an opinion in what she wore, both my husband and I found total joy in letting her choose a few articles of clothing herself. Of course there are times when a parental veto is quite necessary (no, you cannot wear your felt footie pajamas to the playground in June for a multitude of reasons), but for the most part I’ll tell my little one what activities our day holds, if she needs to dress for warm or cooler weather, and then let her rip!
This not only provides her self-expression and confidence, but we also find that her colorful wearable art wildly amuses the general public. We’ll often hear folks wishing they had the confidence to wear something like that. Well friends, here is my toddler’s style guide to dressing for every occasion. Simply follow these practical tips when dressing for popular summer activities and let your intuition do the rest.


Summer is guaranteed to be full of parties. When hosting or attending a tea party, you’ll want to wear your finest. Begin with any princess dress and layer your fluffiest and sparkliest from there. Capes, wands, crowns, and glass slippers are all wonderful additions. And for your statement piece, the royal ruff. I find that any tutu will do splendidly. Place atop your cape and prepare to wow your guests.


You never know when you’ll be asked to dance in character so be sure to come ready as the gentle bunny or ferocious fox. There’s always a chance that a little line dancing will break out, so cowboy boots are your best bet when choosing to-and-from footwear.

Afternoon Ice Cream Date

An ice cream date implies that it’s hot out, so let’s keep things cool and comfortable. Not to be outdone by the sprinkles, you’ll want to choose something that sparkles and shines. Boas can double as napkins and don’t forget your piggy bank (mine is appropriately shaped as an ice cream cone so I remember what my financial priorities are).


Rainy Days

Gloomy days don’t mean gloomy clothes! When dressing for puddle-jumping, add some color to the day with your brightest patterns. You’ll need something with a hood (not to actually wear of course, just for looks), and your twirliest skirt to optimize your jumps and skips. Rain boots are a must. Don’t worry about which foot they’re on as they typically work on either. The more the merry, so bring along the softest, furriest, least water-resistant friend you have.

Pool Day

You’ll want to make up for the lack of clothing options with hair accessories. Go for color and quantity. A bright rainbow bag shows all your new friends that you’re fun and ready to splash. Don’t forget the shades. Not that you’ll actually keep them on your eyes because we all know they look best resting on the top of your head or backwards over your ears.
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