Trend Alert: Top 10 Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2014

In case you hadn’t heard, this is Fashion Week here in New York — a time when the biggest designers show off their collections for the following spring, establishing the trends and styles that will eventually trickle down into the department stores. And so, naturally, the Internet starts filing Trend Reports and talking about the hot must-haves for spring.

Spring 2014.

(Ahem.) Here in the real world, we’re still clinging on to our sundresses as the cold months loom on the horizon, quickly rolling in like storm clouds. We’re just starting to think about fall clothes — psyching ourselves up for boots and scarves and sweaters. How can we possible think of SPRING?

Well, one good thing about Fashion Week is that, if we pay attention, we can jump on trends before they hit the mainstream. And while we can’t wear the shorts and halters that are strutting down the runway, we can certainly incorporate the future “must-have” colors into our wardrobe.

And thanks to the Pantone Color Institute, we now know the hottest colors that everyone will be wearing in 2014. All of which you can start buying now, before everyone else catches on. 


  • Top 10 Colors in 2014 1 of 26

    Here are the top 10 spring colors for women.

    Note: Pantone will release the official color of 2014 (as a whole) toward the end of the year. Any guesses as to what they'll choose?

  • Official Color of SPRING 2014: Dazzling Blue 2 of 26

    A familiar color that a lot of women will already have in their wardrobe, Pantone named this the official color of spring 2014 — after 17.05% of designers used this color in their collections. Take a look at some "Dazzling Blue" items that you can buy and wear now before the rest of your friends catch on to the trend...

  • The Diva Skinny-Ankle Pants 3 of 26

     The great thing about "Dazzling Blue" is how neutral it is — just a bolder version of neutral.

    Old Navy, $25


  • Jacquard Full Swing Skirt 4 of 26

     I especially love this pretty skirt from TopShop, which is the perfect representation of the Pantone color.

    Topshop, $70


  • Shift Dress 5 of 26

     Funny enough, you'll probably recognize the color from Facebook and Citibank's bike sharing program. Clearly it's a color we're all familiar with.

    Zara, $99


  • Combined Sandal with Stiletto Heel 6 of 26

    This stiletto might not get a ton of use in the fall and winter, but snag it now while it's on sale. Originally $50, you can pick up these "Dazzling Blue" shoes for only $10!

    Zara, $9.99


  • Perfect Shirt in Linen Dot 7 of 26

     The perfect wear-with-anything "Dazzling Blue" buy to take you from fall through spring. 

    J.Crew, $59.99


  • #2: Violet Tulip 8 of 26

    The top 3 colors for 2014 show a cooler color palette, so keep that in mind when you're out shopping. Pantone claims that — aside from being a romantic and nostalgic lavender-like color — Violet Tulip is reminiscent of "Downton Abbey's" Lady Mary. Expect this color to pop up more in the coming months.

  • Violet Tulip 9 of 26

    But there's plenty of Violet Tulip already on the market.  

    1. Piperlime, $44; 2. GAP, $19.95; 3., $69.99; 4. Butter London, $15


  • #3: Radiant Orchid 10 of 26

    Pantone cites Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton as fans of this purple-pink shade. (Kate Middleton wore a Radiant Orchard dress for her first official portrait with Prince George.)

  • Radiant Orchid 11 of 26

     Channel your inner Kate Middleton with these beautiful Radiant Orchard items — all of which can be worn now through spring 2014. 

    1. Piperlime, $158; 2. Old Navy, $11.97; 3. Old Navy, $12.97; 4. Piperlime, $54.99

  • #4: Celosia Orange 12 of 26

    A bold, bright, Sunkist-shaded version of last year's Tangerine Tango. In contrast to 2012's Color of the Year, this is a more classic orange.

  • Celosia Orange 13 of 26

    Which you can wear in the fall and winter, too!

    1. River Island, $40; 2. TopShop, $70; 3. Nordstrom, $15

  • #5: Freesia 14 of 26

    Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, credits Freesia as having "good positive connotations," and "conjuring up images of spring."

  • Freesia 15 of 26

     But there's no reason you can't infuse a pop of happiness into your fall/winter wardrobe ahead of time.

    1. Old Navy, $32.94; 2. J.Crew, $39.99; 3. Old Navy, $16.94

  • #6: Cayenne 16 of 26

    An exotic red-orange color adds a little spice to the overwhelmingly "cool" color palette for 2014. 


  • Cayenne 17 of 26

    Similar to coral, "Cayenne" makes an awesome accessory color — especially paired with the other 2014 Colors of Spring.

    1. Piperlime, $54; 2. Piperlime, $37.94; 3. Piperlime, $54.99

  • #7: Placid Blue 18 of 26

    A cool, calm color reminiscent of the sky. You also might recognize it as the same color as Kate Middleton's post-baby polkadot dress. Clearly she's a huge influencer for the fashion world.

  • Placid Blue 19 of 26

    J.Crew has an entire line of "Bright Hydrangea" clothes that channel the "Placid Blue" vibe perfectly. 

    1. J.Crew, $49.99; 2. Nordstrom, $53; 3. J.Crew, $79.99

  • #8: Paloma 20 of 26

    A grounding neutral for the bold and bright colors of Spring. 

  • Paloma 21 of 26

    ...And it's especially lovely to start wearing now!

    1. Zara, $49.90; 2. Zara, $159; 3. Bloomingdale's, $18

  • #9: Sand 22 of 26

    A warmer version of beige, which helps to tie in the rest of the colors. 

  • Sand 23 of 26

     Perfect examples of "sand"!

    1. GAP, $40; 2. ModCloth, $35

  • #10: Hemlock 24 of 26

    The "green" trend continues (first we had a mint explosion in 2012, and then Emerald was hailed Color of the Year for 2013), and Hemlock is a pretty yet unexpected addition. (According to Pantone, 5.30% of designers used Hemlock in their spring collections.)

  • Hemlock 25 of 26

     And here are some easy ways to integrate the color into your current wardrobe.

    1. Nordstrom, $8.50; 2. ModCloth, $35; 3. ModCloth, $140; 4. Piperlime, $22.99

  • What about the men? 26 of 26

    And here's the similar yet distinctive color palette for men in 2014. 

    See more about the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014.

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