Turn A HandBag Into The Ultimate Stylish Diaper Bag

In 2009 when I had my daughter, I carried around a diaper bag that I received at my baby shower. It was a cute brown and pink bag, but it was huge and screamed, “Diaper bag!” I held out as long as I could (about 2 months) and then my husband bought me a beautiful and practical Coach bag to use instead. I loved this bag and it was large enough to fit all the essentials, but with a new baby comes a new bag. (That’s the rule, right?)

I just picked up this fun bag from French Connection, but it has no compartments. So can I make it work as a diaper bag?

Let’s find out!

  • My New Bag 1 of 10
    New Diaper Bag

    I wanted a large, vegan leather bag and literally stumbled upon this one at the Saks outlet. I say literally because it was on the floor and I almost stepped on it. It was an amazing price, a great size for diaper bag standards, and it was blue (I'm having a boy after all) so it was perfect. 

  • Inside The Bag 2 of 10
    new bag inside

    Most bags will have no compartments on the inside. Every mom knows that this will create a huge mess from day one, making the bag really unpractical. 

  • Making It Work 3 of 10
    new diaper bag2

    Make your own compartments by using make-up bags, travel changing pads, and cases. I've started mine here and I'm still adding a few to make my new purchase totally functional. 

  • Add a Changing Pad 4 of 10
    changing pad

    A diapering station is a must-have. Most stores sell a travel set that unfolds to a changing pad and also has a compartment for ointments, diapers and/or  baby powder. 

    Available at, $19.95

  • And a Wipe Case Too! 5 of 10
    wipe case

    You can buy a simple refillable case to carry around wipes. I still carry mine for my 4-year-old. Whether you are wiping little tushies or little noses, you'll use this case for a long time. 

    Available at Target, $7.99

  • Separate Bags Help You Create Your Own Compartments 6 of 10
    travel bags

    These are great for carrying a change of clothing, extra swaddle blankets, or socks for changes in temperature during a day out with the family. 

    Available at Amazon, $36.99

  • Zip Around Wallet 7 of 10

    This option works better than a coin-sized wallet. It will help you carry all of your credit cards, cash, insurance cards and looks like a stylish clutch if you need to take it out and dash off to dinner. A wristlet works just as well. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $50

  • A Bottle Case to Prevent Spills 8 of 10
    bottle cooler

    If you plan on bottle feeding, this case is a great way to store premixed bottles or water. Unfortunately, mine only stores one bottle but it will do for now… until I order this one.

    Available at Amazon, $32

  • A Clear Case Makes Items Easy to Reach 9 of 10
    clear case

    A clear bag is perfect for storing a cell phone and keys if your bag lacks a zippered compartment. My new bag does have a small zippered pocket that I can use for my personals, but this is a great alternative. 

    Available at Nordstrom, $12

  • Momma’s Make-Up Bag 10 of 10
    make up bag

    I always joked that I was a make-up artist who never carried make-up. I didn't really care to touch up throughout the day, but now with kids and a busy work schedule, taking a small bag with my essentials is a must in case I have to run off and meet a last minute client. 

    Available at Lilly Pulitzer, $24

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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