Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Little Ones

My daughter is now 4 years old.  (I refer to her as sassy pants.) We started giving her Valentine’s Day gifts when she was 2. My husband came home with a huge stuffed animal and told her to give it to Mommy as a present. She walked in and told me it was hers. We both laughed, but she’s always been her father’s Valentine.

When she was 3, I gave her a mug for hot chocolate, a new pair of sunnies, and some cute socks. She loved it and when we took her on our dinner date, she was so excited.

This year, she gets it. She is writing her name in cards, putting up decorations in her room, and waiting for her “date” with daddy. Meanwhile, I’m trying to find the right gift (at the right price) for my little love bug. I recently downloaded the Etsy app on my phone, I’ve found some amazing presents for this daddy’s girl. I’m also pregnant and I’ve been looking for the little guy in my belly too. Early labor has started and he may just be here in time to be my date.

Here are a few options for my kids this year and a few that any mom would love as well:

  • A Little Something Special 1 of 6

    The little "style" package we gave our daughter last year. I'll be sure to post her gift again this year on Instagram so stay tuned. 

  • All Wrapped Up 2 of 6

    Since we discovered that we're having a boy, all I can think about is "popping collars" and bow ties. In all seriousness, I just think bow ties on baby boys is adorable and his father insists that only real men wear pink!

    Available at  Yellow Brick Toad on Etsy, $9

  • Candied Heart 3 of 6

    My little girl is really into jewelry right now. If fact, she has BFF necklaces with one of her cousins and she's gaga over it. I love the simplicity of this chain and the sweetness of the (no longer edible) candy inside! 

    Available at Luddite Made on Etsy, $10.79

  • All Patched Up 4 of 6

    Sassy Pants lives in leggings. In fact, the pair she wore last year on Valentine's day were black and white stripes and they were my favorite. This pair is perfect because they're not the typical red or pink style and the floral patches are adorable and heart-shaped. 

    Available at bugnbee on Etsy, $17

  • Baby Diva 5 of 6

    I worked in a children's showroom a few years back and I still remember the leg warmers that they carried and the crazy tutus with all the ruffles. It wasn't until I had my own daughter that I understood those types of frills. We moms think it is cute to add all this embarrassing fluff to our child's outfit and let me tell you, I am all for it. 

    Available at Oh La La Divas and Dudes, $18

  • The Gift Of DIY 6 of 6

    I'm not much of a crafter. Although I've tried and would love to be, it's just not in me. I lack the patience and I'd rather shop for it or send it to a tailor. However, I love an iron-on patch or a quick stitch especially when my sassy pants shows up with a tear in her new jeans. A quick fix from a collection of fun loving patches is a perfect gift for Valentine's!

    Available at Craftasy on Etsy, $2.50

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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