VIntage Revival Style – Women’s Neckties

From Clara Bow to Annie Hall, menswear styling is a women’s fashion trend that will never go out of style. Neckties are a classic menswear element that are super simple to wear- especially the easy-to-tie styles made just for women. Wear them with a classic button-up, or as a necklace with a scoop neck shirt – really, you can’t go wrong! And just when you thought women’s neckties were maybe just a little boring, I’ve rounded up 10 unique styles to keep your outfits looking fresh and infused with classic vintage style.

  • Vintage-Styled Neckties 1 of 11

    Inspired by menswear, here are 10 unique women's neckties in styles from flouncy ascots to continental criss-cross ties.

  • Yellow Pussybow Necktie 2 of 11
    women's necktie

    This beautifully constructed necktie is pre-tied, and easy to wear! Add a bow to your outfit with literally just a snap.

    Available from Etsy seller Goodshipmade for $60

  • Skinny Gingham Necktie 3 of 11
    women's necktie

    Get creative with your tying methods with this skinny gingham necktie that has a pretty pop of polka dots at one end.

    Available from Etsy seller von Bingen for $20

  • Plaid Continental Necktie 4 of 11
    women's necktie

    Whether you're going door to door selling cookies, or just enjoying your secret stash of Thin Mints, this plaid continental-styled necktie will add the perfect preppy touch to your outfit.

    Available from Etsy seller Company Man for $16

  • Brown and White striped Necktie 5 of 11

    If you like the look of a necktie, but don't like the idea of having to tie one early in the morning, this bold striped necktie is for you! It's adjustable for the perfect fit, and loaded with style.

    Available from Etsy seller Vintage Infusion for $8

  • Denim Western Style Necktie 6 of 11
    women's necktie

    This western-style necktie gets a little fancy with two shades of denim and strands of gold chain. It's a more modern way to get the vintage charm of a bow-tie.

    Available from Etsy seller Bow Bandit Revolution for $39.46

  • Mod Scarf Necktie 7 of 11
    women's necktie

    You're gonna make it after all if you wear this psychedelic printed necktie scarf with your otherwise understated outfit.

    Available from Etsy seller LK Creative Concepts for $12

  • Handmade Lace Necktie 8 of 11
    women's necktie

    This exquisite handmade lace necktie is the perfect delicate touch to a fitted collared shirt. Great for a romantic look or to top off a boho styled ensemble.

    Available from Etsy seller Handy Maria for $55

  • Necktie Style Scarf 9 of 11
    women's necktie

    Keep warm and chic with this knit necktie style scarf that works great with crew necks and scoop necks to keep your neck warm, or just as a topper with a lightweight coat.

    Available from Etsy seller jargOn for $32.23

  • Beaded Necktie 10 of 11
    women's necktie

    Get a little kitschy with this beaded necktie that clasps around your neck like a choker necklace.

    Available from Etsy seller Jess James Jake for $50

  • Yellow Scarf Necktie 11 of 11
    women's necktie

    This bright patterned ascot necktie would work great with a simple collared shirt, or even to just tie in a bow and pin to the front of a simple blouse or dress.

    Available from Etsy seller Bangin Bangles for $22

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