Wardrobe Staples You Never Even Thought Of

I’m a huge fan of building your wardrobe around the “basics.” Those would be key pieces that never go out of style, but we all know what they are, at least most of us do. But what about those “trends” that failed to go away, season after season and have become in their own right, wardrobe staples. Here is my list of the new essentials, the wardrobe staples you never even thought of.

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    We all know the basics we should have in our wardrobe, but what about the new essentials? Check out the wardrobe staples you never even thought of. 

  • The Striped Dress 2 of 16

    The everyday t-shirt dress is all grown up and has earned its stripes. 

    Available at Gap, $59.95

  • The Chambray Piece 3 of 16

    Chambray is everywhere and not going anywhere soon. Jump on the bandwagon with this new basic,, whether a button up or a dress. 

    Available at Gap, $38

  • The Printed Blazer 4 of 16

    The black blazer is the number one wardrobe staple out there, but now it comes in a variety of colors, florals, polka dots or stripes. 

    Available at Banana Republic, $99

  • The Leather-Look Skirt 5 of 16

    Leather comes in and out every fall/winter season and now has taken over spring as well. This "every year" must have looks timeless yet fun in a classic circle skirt.

    Available at PiperLime, $74

  • The Animal Print Pump 6 of 16

    Nude pumps are great, but lately everyone, myself included, has been using animal prints as a neutral. A not so basic addition to your everyday wardrobe.

    Available at Loft, $79.50

  • The Statement Piece 7 of 16

    Made popular by personal style bloggers, the statement piece has become a must-have for dressing up the simplest of looks. 

    Available at J.Crew, $59.50

  • The Printed Trench 8 of 16

    After searching high and low for the perfect blazer, I found the perfect one in my favorite print...zebra. 

    Available at Banana Republic, $159.99

  • The Sweater Dress 9 of 16

    While not "new," it never seems to make the top ten list of must haves when discussing essentials. It should, as it can be worn a million times over and won't go out of style any time soon. 

    Available at Forever21, $19.80

  • The Shirt Dress 10 of 16

    The classic shirt dress gets a relaxed makeover. Wear on the weekends casually or dress it up for work on Monday morning.

    Available at Forever21, $29.80

  • The Skirt Bootie 11 of 16

    Once worn with bootcut pants, this bootie is now an essential for every flared skirt or dress you see. 

    Available at Loft, $118

  • The Peplum Top 12 of 16

     This "trend" is not yet an essential, but it should be, as it flatters us moms with the "midsection issue" and flatters most women overall. I see it staying for a while.

    Available at Banana Republic, $79.50

  • The Over-The-Knee Boot 13 of 16

     I've worn my flat, OTK boots every fall/winter for years and every year I get the same compliments. It works and works every time.

    Available at Piperlime, $179

  • The Ankle Strap Pump 14 of 16

    Everyone loves a pump, but an ankle strap pump is just too sexy to pass up. Take note ladies, if you are 5'4" and under, an over-the-knee skirt works best. You want the legs to look long and never cut off at the ankle. 

    Available at Piperlime, $85

  • The Aviators 15 of 16

     Remember Chips? Err, me neither but the point is the officers made this look cool and it still does to this day.

    Available at Piperlime, $98

  • The Work Tote 16 of 16

    Everyone needs a work bag, even if your job is taking the little ones to and from soccer practice, ballet class, and school. Don't go too basic and go for something with texture, bold metal accents, or both. 

    Available at Piperlime, $98

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